Sunday, September 18, 2011

Well, hello!

I've been off the radar all summer, I know. It's because I'm lazy. Also, I don't handle heat least, not the sort of muggy slippery heat we had this summer....and of course summer is peak season at the museum where I work, and with the economy the way is been, I think people are really looking for cool, cheap things to do close to home. We had record attendance all summer, and I'm happy (yay people learning and engaging with their community yay!), but for a while there each museum event was simply bleeding into the next and I thought it would NEVER END. But our last big event of the summer wrapped up last weekend, and since then a bit of cool, drizzly, delicious fall weather has rolled in and attendance has dropped drastically, leaving me in 7th heaven.

I am a fall girl, no doubt about it. The last few days have been damn near perfect...I made an apple pie. I got out my new camel coat that I've been waiting all summer to wear. I had oatmeal for breakfast. I sat on the porch and watched the rain fall on the honeysuckle vines and relished the thought of not having to go out each night with a hose and water the herb garden while mosquitos feasted on my legs for an hour. I didn't talk about Herbert Hoover. Ok, I will miss camping out in my garden on hot hot nights, and running down to the corner for an ice cold bottle of Mexican Coca Cola, and popsicles for breakfast...but not that much. I'd rather have it be fall, so I can pretend I live in Stars Hollow ALL THE TIME, and wear tights, and snuggle in my warm bed with my cat and my laptop and a bowl of popcorn without overheating (Don't judge. You know you want it.).

I've been doing some drastic closet editing in the name of seasonal transitioning (and a big evolutionary leap in my personal style), which I will share in my next post, but for today, in the name of easing gently back into the rhythm of blogging, I'm going to do a little (GIANT) fall image inspiration post. Here goes...


This is in Portland. It is delicious. Go to there.

Pretty sure I stole this from Whatever, Gatsby.

this image by Chris Parker is so haunting...

Yes please.

So. Much. Sparkly. 

I want toadstools. In my house. Now please.

Portland artist Betsey Walton makes places I want to be.

James Gurney's art for Dinotopia still takes my breath away.

Epic dino love by Julene Harrison

I love lamp.

Library campout! Best idea ever!

When I image searched "rocker mice" to try and find where this came from, I found the animated show "Biker Mice From Mars" instead, which was AWESOME. Go nostalgia!

Let's have a cocktail party and sit on some sheep! Then let's camp out in the library! 

via The Sartorialist's vintage photo contest. So dead chic.

I am terrible at remembering where I found stuff. If you know who made the pieces I didn't cite, let me know, yes? Especially the guy with wings, because I want to give him a hug.


  1. Loving these but I must ask! DO YOU OWN THOSE SPARKLY MIU MIU'S!!??? Absurdly jealous if you do :)

  2. Welcome back, Rose! I feel like I too am re-emerging, though I didn't technically leave, I did feel a bit "away", if that makes sense. Kinda re-feeling the love of blogging, hopefully writing more. Maybe even some good life changes? Your photos made me smile. I want the world to see them!
    xo, f

  3. I just found your eye candy. Looking at beautiful things makes me happy too.

  4. yayayayay so glad to have you back!!!

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  6. Oh my gosh, your description of your plans for autumn sound like absolute perfection... I hope it was as utterly wonderful as I imagine it to be!

  7. I love all the photos in the post, especially the Peter Pan quote and those Miu Miu glitter candies!!


  8. so great photos:)
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  9. AMAZING IMAGES! (found you via Terri).
    New follower!

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  11. Love the fall inspired images! Till this day, I'm still obsessed with those Miu Miu ankle boots. I think they would be perfect for Tinkerbell! -StyleBomb