Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Day 22: In which Thanksgiving is redeemed, and I overshare a little.

Ok, so our second try at Thanksgiving was a raging success. Everyone went home happy, well fed, and sleepy, and there were only a few minor political scuffles (What do you get when the headstrong daughter of a die hard Reagan Republican marries the hippy-musician son of a missionary family? Chaos! And me.).  Mom got to zen out in the kitchen and lose herself in culinary nirvana, since I came over early to help out with my Grandma. She's been ill lately, which is why we had to postpone Thanksgiving in the first place. She was tired today, but thoroughly enjoyed having us all there and loved all the food and attention. One of the funniest things about my Grandma is that she has virtually no short term memory (Also, of course, one of the saddest things. Isn't that how life works?). She loves food, but has a hilarious tendency to be over dramatic and pretend she just can't eat another bite...so you take the plate away, rearrange the food slightly, wait five minutes, and put it back in front of her, and she's thrilled...until she just can't eat another bite...Its really kind of adorable. I find it strangely endearing that, even at 94, she still worries about her figure.

The coat I'm wearing today used to be hers. Its much too big for me ( Though she's tiny now, my Gram was quite a glamazon back in the day; tall, long legged and broad shouldered. I of course, am the complete opposite!), but I wear it anyway, because it is gorgeous, and well made, and part of my family history. My Great Grandmother worked in the millinery and yardage dept. at the biggest, dreamiest department store in downtown Portland, and on her lunch break she would go up to the display floor and look at the designer gowns. Then she would use her discount to buy a few yards of something lovely and take it home and whip up copies of them from scratch, sending her daughter off to school dances in frocks she knew all the other girls would squeal over.  My Grandmother picked up where she left off, making exquisite clothes for herself and my Mother. Many of them are still stored in near perfect condition. I really can't wear any of them. The skirts are laughably long and the bodices get all bunchy around my middle and the sleeves droop, but somehow I can't stomach the thought of having them altered. There's a legacy in those stitches.

I'm wearing another neglected item from my 30 today...this black top has the coolest silhouette, but I never wear it. I'm going to try a few more things with it over the next few days, so I hope you don't mind repeats! Incidentally, that's sort of how I dress normally...I get really obsessed with one item, and I remix and remix and remix it until I get tired of it or become obsessed with something else. The 30 for 30 has actually forced me to mix in a little more variety, because I'm embarrassed /afraid my blog will stop being cool once you realize that I just throw on the same thing day after day...but its true! Anyone else do that? Yes? No? Hmmm. I was really happy with this outfit, though I'm not sure it really photographed well. Check the happy little asymmetrical Hiedi braid I did! I heart having hair.

Creepy face. Sorry guys.

Vintage tweed coat, Grandma's; Silk scarf, thrifted; Katayone Adeli kimono top, thrifted; Ann Klein wool skirt, thrifted; Tights, U.O.; Irregular Choice boots, Modcloth; Studded belt, Target; Turquoise beads and Coral necklace, gift from Mom; Turquoise and enamel necklace, self made.

P.S. Yes, the shoes came today. And yes, they are indescribably good. And yes, they will be included in my first post-30 for 30 outfit post. The package also included the cutest little goody bag full of samples of celebrity endorsed fragrances...for men. Ahem. I think they were either trying to tell me that I bought drag queen shoes or that I need a boyfriend who wants to smell like David Beckham and likes girls who wear drag queen shoes. Awkward.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Day 21: In which I am a sleepy slumber kitty...

And have nothing much to say except... my weekend is here! Hurrah! And starting in December the museum is open weekends only, so I'm going to have lots more time for fun projects, like updating the archives, building a website, and learning to knit, once and for all. I'm very excited. so excited I think I'll make a nice cup of Sleepy Time and turn in very early.

I may be a grump about Thanksgiving, but I couldn't feel more differently about Christmas. As you can see, I'm starting to feel the holiday spirit! This little number was inspired by Angie's cheerful stripes and florals, but I had no florals! So I wore this pretty little pin instead...

Coat, F21; Lucky Brand scarf, gift; Green woven belt, Target; Levis curvy 528s, Marshalls; Jeffrey Campbell boots, The Rack; Striped sweater, F21; J. Crew cardigan, thrifted; Vintage lurex and rhinestone corsage, thrifted; Antique fire opal ring, Mom's.

*yaaaaaaaaaaaawn* Night, guys.

P.S. eeeep! My new shoes come tomorrow! I'm so excited! And I get my paycheck! And did I mention its my weekend?! And zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz......zzzz.....zzz.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Day 20: In which I love you guys, and outfit 19 never happened...

 I'm so glad I packed my 30 for 30 wardrobe with so many neglected old favorites and things I find comforting and easy to wear. While I miss my black leather minidress like you wouldn't believe, it would not have been a good choice for the last few work/family/health/everything crisis packed weeks. Things are getting better, especially since I killed every last microbe, good or bad, in my body. I hate antibiotics, especially the part where I have to rebuild my immune system from scratch, but it was so worth it in this case. I had no idea how sick I really was! Now that I can breathe/think/eat food/function as a normal human being (Well, more or less...), I'm realizing its past time for some bloggy maintenance.

First off, you may notice the new header! Yay! That's me in tha forest! Next, you'll find new options for following and subscribing to my blog at the bottom of the page. You can also like my blog on Facebook. I update the Facebook page with each post, so you can simply access and read it from there. Any other ideas for how I can make my blog more accessible? Please do not say Twitter. Anything but that... I can't handle it. I'm just not interesting enough, trust me. Let me know in my comments if there is anything else you'd like to see happening here, ok? Phew. Anybody else kinda tired? Blogging is hard work! Seriously, I don't know how high traffic bloggers like Kelly, Tavi, and our fearless leader do it...I desperately want to respond, in depth, to each and every comment you guys leave, but there are nowhere near enough hours in the day. Thanks, all of you, for your thoughtful, kind, and uplifting comments on my last post. I am blown away yet again by how drop dead cool you guys are. I'm looking forward to taking a few hours to just catch up with you and your blogs this weekend. Fingers crossed...

In other news, don't you love this shirt? I do. Its Liz Sport. Can I just say, I am seriously obsessed with pre-90s Liz Claiborne? The clothes are just so timelessly cool, and the fabrics, cut, and craftsmanship really stand out. My mom wore a lot of Liz when I was a kid (I thought it was sooooooo dorky then.), and this piece really epitomizes her look; classic, cool, quirky, a little undone. I think what makes it so special are the details. Its been in my 30 this whole time, but I had to reinforce the buttons before I could wear it...

Vintage blazer, thrifted; Studded belt, Target; Russian Federation Naval hat, thrifted; Levis curvy 528s, Marshalls; Vintage Liz Claiborne blouse, thrifted; Carlos Santana (I snort EVERY TIME I type that) shoes, TJ Maxx; Necklace, self made; Knuckle ring, F21

What's that you say? What ever happened to outfit 19? Shhhhhh....we don't talk about that here. Let's just say....he didn't make the cut.

Day 18: In which Thanksgiving just....doesn't happen. And I am a curmudgeon.

Hi guys. So, my family is having kind of a tough time right now, and we weren't able to celebrate Thanksgiving the way we usually would, with all the feasting and hanging out. Hopefully we'll be able to do so next week. Initially, I was pretty bummed out; on perhaps the most quintessentially American of all holidays, the emphasis is on gratitude for the many ways in which we are blessed, on spending time with family, and on blessing ourselves even further with copious amounts of delicious food. And, in theory at least, I love it. But I don't love what it so often becomes. (Huge, roaring rant coming up. If you're solely here for the outfit post, I recommend skipping to the end.)

I don't love the fact that there's usually a football game on all day, and then another one, and another one, each of them stealing away time we could have spent talking, cooking together, or...I don't know, playing board games. I don't love the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, with its endless stream of mediocre performances by mediocre pop stars, punctuated with grating commentary by un-funny news anchors, all of whom are making more money for that one event than the average American makes in a year of honest work. I don't love the constant barrage of Black Friday commercials, or the fact that over the last few years, stores have started opening on Thanksgiving night, when we should be taking family walks, napping, or, I don't know,  playing board games. I don't love how easily we are encouraged to forget the tragedy of last year's Black Friday tramplings and traffic accidents, and the terrifying lack of social conscience that led to them. I don't love the story we mindlessly tell our kids about the origins of Thanksgiving, and the terrifying lack of social conscience we display in telling it. When I really stop and think about it, the origins of Thanksgiving, and of America, are inextricably entwined with colonialism, white supremacy, and mindless consumption, be it of land, techno gadgets, or mashed potatoes. And that kind of freaks me out. And by kind of, I mean A LOT. So, like most Americans, I try not to think about it too hard, and have another helping of pumpkin cheesecake, and obsess about my Christmas list.

I know, I know, I'm COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY bumming you out, right? Don't worry, it gets better, I promise. See, Thanksgiving didn't happen in my family yesterday. Instead, I went over to my grandma's and watched the dog show (Which was awesome, because dogs are awesome!), and Miracle on 34th Street (The real one, with Natalie Wood). Then we turned the TV off. My mom, instead of slaving away in the kitchen all day making the traditional feast, whipped up some butternut squash biscuits with cranberries, walnuts, and candied ginger, and we shared a big pot of tea, and just enjoyed each other's company. It was simple, and easy, and delicious, and heartfelt. It felt like what Thanksgiving should be. Except, we've really got to get some board games. Baby steps, people, baby steps.

Vintage tweed coat, made by Grandma; Faux fur collar, self made; Vintage dress, thrifted; Psychadelic tights, Spartacus (Ignore the whips, focus on the amazing selection of legwear.); Vintage Frye boots, thrifted; Studded belt, thrifted; Vintage celluloid bangle, Mom's; Vintage rhinestone apple brooch, thrifted; Amazing hair, woke up with it. Ha!

Here's to a lovely and heartfelt holiday season, for all of us. I'll try to be less of a grump, and more of a mindless consumer, I promise. Well, ok, not really. I'm planning on avoiding the big box stores as much as possible, and finishing up my Christmas shopping on Hawthorne or Alberta instead. Which I guess you could call being a mindful consumer, doing my bit for the local economy, and spoiling my loved ones with handmade goodies, which, in my family at least, trumps techno gadgets every time. Because we are cave people. In other news...You guys guessed right! Its the shoes! Its always the shoes ( I'm saving up for the Emerson Made jeans, though. And also the years of therapy I will need to help me handle the guilt associated with spending that much on a pair of jeans. And you better believe that if those gloves are still around after the 30 is over, they are MINE. How cute would they be with my Grandma's coat, above?). I almost bought the Danys last year, when they only came in brown suede or black leather, but something told me to hold off. Then I saw those grey ones, and it was love....The salesgirl at Nordstrom said they were selling like hotcakes...and I'm sure she was laughing all the way to the cash register. But hey, I wanted 'em. Reeeeeeeeeeeeal bad! UPS says they'll be here by Monday....

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Day 17: In which our heroine falls off the wagon (just a bit)...

No outfit today, kids. I won't lie, I'm wearing what I wore yesterday. And I'm only wearing it for as long as it takes to tromp over to the museum and put up a big sign that says "Back on Friday, Happy Thanksgiving!" (EDIT: Guess what I found on the grounds? A pair of swim trunks and a bikini top. Might I point out that it was below freezing last night? I probably don't want to know, huh?). Then its pjs and Hulu and craftiness all day long. I made this pretty little collage of awesome things that I'm in love with right now. One of them will be on my doorstep in verrrrry short order.

That's right. I caved. If this was a competition, I would be a loser. Oh, frailty, thy name is Rose. All I can say is, there were some pretty serious extenuating circumstances. What kind of extenuating circumstances, you ask? Um, the kind where I wanted it. Real bad. And it might have sold out by the time the challenge ended. And I wanted it. Real bad. Did I mention I wanted it real bad?

clockwise, from top left; The clothbound Penguin Classics. They are like candy. I just want to gnaw on their pretty little covers.
A Rather Novel Collection perfume crayon in 5:00 at Belvoir Castle. Yep. Still obsessed with this whole concept/this fragrance in particular.
The ever-covetable Jessica Simpson Dany platforms, reissued in grey snakeskin. Nom.
The Minimalist Effort wool gloves from Modcloth. For cool girls only.
This hat. I feel a DIY coming on (its $700. So, uh, I won't be buying it. Because I like eating.).
Marc by Marc Jacobs tortoiseshell hair clip. Margot Tannenbaum would wear this.
Bluebell jeans, by Emerson Made. Real denim. No stretch. High waisted. Pretty much the perfect pants. (Sorry I cut off your head, Em!)
Fresh Sake Bath. *Sigh. Swish, swish, sigh.*
Lipstick Queen black tie optional lip color. Such a cool concept, you guys. My inner goth swoons.
The perfect schoolgirl kilt. To be worn with 40 eye Docs and a bit of attitude. Because grunge was good.
BeBaroque Lourdes tights. Ridiculous? check. Awesome? CHECK.
A feathered necklace. Total DIY-able.
And in the middle; Alexander McQueen S/S11 ribbon embroidered clutch. Seriously, is the McQueen accessories team not just knocking it out of the park lately? I will take one of everything, please.

Can you guess which one of these items shall soon be mine? Hint: not the clutch. *sniff*

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Day 16: In which nothing was accomplished, and much was eaten...

Remember that giant list of things I hoped to accomplish this weekend? Guess how many of them got done? That's right, not a single one. And yet, I still feel such a sense of accomplishment. Why? Because I got to hang out with my best friend. We made black beans and rice, walked around town, stomped on frozen leaf piles, got loads of fatty pastries from the Panaderia, took some pictures of mushrooms, saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, and came home and watched a video about how mushrooms can save the world. Not too shabby.

Levis curvy 528s, Marshalls; Plaid flannel, Delia*s; Green sweater, F21; Puffy vest, ??; Lucky brand scarf, gift; Antique fur hat, Mom's; Leather gloves, thrifted; Uggs (not in my 30. Whatevs. It was 17 degrees out, guys.), gift.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Day 15: We now return to our regularly scheduled programming...

Aaaaah, hello, weekend! After a long and frankly rather miserable week during which no one came to the museum, I was horrendously ill, and everybody got tired of me complaining all the time, things are looking up. thank. goodness. I hate resting. Don't get me wrong; I'm hands down the most inherently lazy person I know. Truly, with me, accomplishing nothing of substance has been elevated to an art form. But when its mandatory, being lazy loses all its charm, don't you think? So its refreshing to be able to catch up with life...this week I need to research an (unfairly) obscure historical figure for a Wiki entry, paint my bedroom and living room (fingers crossed!) with my dad, finish remodeling my closet, set up a guest bedroom (the holidays are coming!!!), pick up one of my besties from the airport, have dinner with a very handsome man, and, of course, celebrate Thanksgiving! Mmmmm...candied sweet potatoes.... I can hardly wait! Why do I wait? Why not live all year round on sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie and stuffing with turkey gravy? Is that such a crazy dream? I love my weekends (M&T) because I don't have to worry about looking professional, respectable, or capable of doing anything other than being cute. Which brings us to today's outfit. I'm thinking the next few days will be pretty utilitarian, so I got my girly jollies with this pretty leopard dress. It needs a crinoline, though, I think. Also, these tights are the best $10 I've ever spent...honestly, even when I was running around in sleet and rain my legs stayed warm and dry. Are you sensing a theme? I HATE being cold. These will be heroically saving me from that fate all winter long.

  J. Crew taffeta dress, Buffalo Exchange; J. Crew cardigan, thrifted; Microfleece lined tights, Target; Jessica Simpson platform mary janes, The Rack; Frocky Jack Morgan necklace, gift; Matching tortoiseshell bangles, Pier 1; Pom pom hat, self made (inspired by this, this, and this.). I wanted something a little softer and less structured, with a larger profile and no visible means of attachment. Job done.

Someday I will go to Yokoo's Etsy shop, and I will buy everything. Because it is all genius. Especially the chain link scarves. And the oversized cowls. And the giant baubles. And....

Speaking of genius, check out Frocky Jack Morgan (click on the hippo). She's a local girl who handcrafts exquisite, otherworldly, one of a kind pieces using found materials.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Day 14: In which getting out of bed proves to be the true challenge...

Uuuuuugh. Ugh. Its brutally cold here, guys. I realize I'm being extraordinarily whiny. I also realize "brutally cold" for an Oregon native is "bracingly chilly" for a lot of other people. I just don't care. When you're already sick as a dog, its rough to wake up to below freezing temperatures! Here's a brief  synopsis of my morning, for your amusement...

*Wake up. Groggy. Snuffle around in covers, seeking warmth. Squish cat. Panic, think: oh God, have killed cat! Doom! Attain full consciousness as overwhelming guilt kicks in. Cat is fine. Sink back into covers. Realize need to take antibiotic, reach over to bedside table, realize there is no water. Briefly contemplate choking antibiotic down sans water. Reject. Lie in bed and stare at ceiling for ten minutes while working up courage to throw covers off and make mad dash to kitchen. Do it! Aggggggh! Where are slippers? Toes so cold! WHERE ARE @#$%^&* SLIPPERS????? Hurl self back into bed and burrow under covers in frantic search for long lost body heat. Spend next ten minutes in fetal position and fervent denial of fact that slippers are in bathroom and mad dash to kitchen for water will have to be made barefoot. Decide to just go back to sleep instead. Rinse, repeat.*

Obviously, I broke the cycle at some point, because I'm sitting here now, typing away, fully dressed, with a cup of tea and a purring cat (He loves it when I am sick, because it means he can hang out and gnaw on my extremities while I try to rest up.), and actually feeling a little better, as it happens. In honor of that fact, I'm busting out a couple of 30 for 30 items I haven't worn yet. Also, I'm channeling Catherine Baba (as usual, The Glamourai sums it up nicely...) pretty hardcore today. Isn't she a trip? Like, if Bowie and Dietrich had a love child, you'd get La Baba. Seriously, if you're having a crap day, try a turban. Everything gets better, I promise. Also, your head is warm all day and strangers smile at you.

So awkward! And yet so happy!

Vintage Liz Claiborne trousers, thrifted; Vintage secretary blouse, thrifted; Antique wolverine (!!!) stole; Carlos jeweled heels, TJ Maxx; Vintage scarf, thrifted; Vintage earrings, Stars and Splendid Antiques; Coral necklace, gift from Mom; Self made necklace (You guys are probably sick of this, huh? I'll be debuting a few other self made pieces throughout the week, so keep your eyes peeled! Ew!); Bangles are a mix of vintage and thrifted.

 Full disclosure: I am wearing long johns under here! Can you tell? Nope? That's the best thing about this outfit! The second best thing is that by scaling it back to one piece of statement jewelry, and swapping out the fur for this jacket, I can make it completely work appropriate, and still feel chic as hell. In other news, I'll be holding down the fort and monopolizing the kleenex tonight while my wonderful parents celebrate their anniversary. Good job guys! Way to be married! I fully expect you to stumble in at the wee-est hours of the morning, drunk as little skunkies, howling something by Beyonce. Just kidding. Please, please don't. All teasing aside, words cannot do justice to the beauty and strength of your marriage. I feel so blessed to have been raised in the shelter of your partnership. Love, today, and always, Banjo.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Day 13: No, Donny, these men are nihilists. There's nothing to be afraid of.

I don't know why this outfit reminds me of The Dude, but it does. Maybe because its the socially acceptable equivalent of leaving the house in a bathrobe and sweatpants? I don't know. But I'm gonna roll with it, because, basically, it is the socially acceptable equivalent of leaving the house in a bathrobe and sweatpants, and that's where I'm at today. Also, because any excuse to wear this sweater is a good excuse. Also, sweet merciful heaven, I am so deliciously cozy right now. These gloves came from my favorite thrift store, Village Merchants on Division. They are buttery soft and smell like pipe tobacco. Sometimes, I just bury my nose in my hands and breathe...true story.

Please note that I am having a random good hair day! Smashing! Don't you love it when that happens? Lately my hair has just been hideously awkward, and, while ordinarily my response to that would be a quick and vengeful snicker-snack with the vorpal scissors, I am resolved this time to persevere! The pixie years are over! I want pretty girl hair, dammit! Here are some close ups of my incredible scarf. The label is called Noa Noa, out of Denmark, and everything they make is magical and hideously expensive. This was a gift from some very lovely friends. Also, my pretty Victorian enamel earrings. They have been re-set with screw backs, as I do not have pierced ears!


Banana Republic wool trousers, swapped and altered; Sweatshirt, thrifted; Sweater coat, Anthropologie; NoaNoa faux fur lined obi/scarf/cowl thingy, gift; Silk blend OTKs, Sock Dreams; Carlos beaded boots, TJ Maxx; Vintage cashmere lined gloves, thrifted; Victorian enamel earrings, gift from Mom.

Day 12 (wow): Nothing to write home about..

Ok, so, still feeling like death on a stick over here. But I appreciate the incentive to get out of bed and put on something decent, even if its only to make myself a cup of tea and crawl back under the covers until I have to go to work. Nothing special today, just the "uniform"; Jeans, striped tee, sweater, boots, rinse, repeat. If I haven't died by tomorrow I promise I'll put on something more interesting.

I have created a monster! She knows we think its funny when she mugs for the camera now, and she sneaks into every shot. Good thing she's cute, huh?


Levi's curvy 528s, Marshalls; Ann Taylor striped tee, thrifted; Olive sweater, F21; Studded belt, Target; Vintage Frye boots, ???; Victorian enamel earrings and brass cuff, gift from Mom; Vintage celluloid bangle, Mom's.

Friday, November 19, 2010

The Unexpected...

Its much too late to be blogging. I need to be in bed. But I just read that Assouline is publishing a book about the Bergdorf Goodman windows, and I had to share the accompanying photos, because they are mouthwatering in their excess...Can I go live in these, please? Yes? Wonderful.

My kitchen is blue and white, so, to me, this is like heaven. I want to make a cheese souffle, right now.

Magic. Inspired by Le voyage Dans le Lune, widely regarded as the first ever Sci-fi film!

Needless to say, this is one book that will be on my wishlist. It drops in January. *yawn*

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Day 11: We are running away to join the circus.

Yesterday's outfit post (which I just published this morning, so don't forget to scroll down and check it out!) was pretty much a novella, so I'll try to keep this one brief...I promised a cameo by my Mom's dog, and here she is, in all her 80s hair band glory. She's Weimeraner and standard poodle, so; Scary smart, funny, dorky, vain, and a fantastic dancer. We get along well.

Both these sweaters are from Forever 21! Can you believe that? Me neither! The striped one is still available, and comes in a really pretty taupe/cream colorway, too...

Gap wool peacoat, thrifted; Scarf, F21; Red striped sweater, F21; Beaded cardigan, F21; Levis curvy 528s, Marshalls; Jessica Simpson platform mary janes, The Rack; Ann Taylor belt (worn as necklace), TJ Maxx; Antique celluloid bangle, Mom's

Day 10: I heart old people.

We had an amazing group of seniors come to the museum today (dislcaimer: I completely forgot they were scheduled to come! Is that what calendars are for? Huh. ), and their enthusiasm, interest, and curiosity completely made up for the dismal attendance at last weekend's event. *sigh* Sometimes its easy to wonder if what you are doing with your life is really worthwhile...and then you get people who genuinely care and are affected by your work, and take the time to tell you what a difference you made in their day, and its just...wonderful.

I was tempted to just wear what I wore yesterday again, but then my mom asked me what I was going to wear today, and she sounded so excited, so then I got excited too, and put this together, and MAN OH MAN, I love it. This scarf is secretly a throw, but its the softest virgin wool, and reminds me of blue skies, and I cant resist wrapping myself up in it on rainy grey days. I wanted to show you the rest of this dress (Sorry Katie, I'm not camping. I wish I was! In Costa Rica!). Its Helmut Lang fall '09, literally straight off the runway. I know. How did it end up in a closet in Newberg, Oregon? Well, long story short, the woman who owns Ladybird's General Store (Best vintage in Portland, hands down. Also, drop dead coolest shop girls. I want to hang out with them and make milkshakes and listen to Bowie records all. day. long.) is a stylist, and she worked on the show, and she brought a few pieces home, and this one simply HAD to be mine.

It is, by far, the most I've ever spent on an item of clothing, though, for Helmut Lang, a total steal, and worth every stinkin' penny. The construction is just breathtaking. It sort of wraps around, and fastens asymmetrically in the back, with this long vertical panel that falls straight down from the collar, and then it has this clever little built in bra thingy...Yeah. I lack the technical know-how to do it justice, but trust me, amazing. Space age Art deco Gibson girl madness. The material is a very lightweight wool challis, which makes it really versatile for year round wear, and it looks great layered for casual daytimes, or stripped down to its glorious bones for evening. Like, today, it took me from work, to hanging out with the fam, to running errands up in Portland (Geeeeeez, you guys, could it be any more miserable out there? I couldn't tell you how many times I heard people frantically asking shop owners if they sold umbrellas...in Oregon!), to late night drinks at my favorite sake bar. And yes, it has pockets. Aaaaah, love.

Helmut Lang dress, Ladybird's General Store; Vintage wool blazer, thrifted; Wool scarf, Banana Republic Home; Studded belt, Target; Jeffrey Campbell boots, The Rack; Vintage turquoise rhinestone earrings, Stars & Splendid Antiques; Antique silver and gemstone bracelet, gift from Mom.

P.S. Note to self; Do not wear virgin wool on a rainy day without an umbrella. You will smell like wet sheep. The vast majority of people do not find the smell of wet sheep remotely attractive, and those that do should be avoided.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What about shopping for Christmas presents for other people to give you?

Is that ok? Because, you know, that's what I did tonight.

Emerson Made bluebell jeans, Jessica Simpson Dany platforms, Modcloth gloves, Modcloth Scarf, Urban Outfitters bag. Perfection.

P.S. I will not get any of these things. I will get books, and pajamas, and socks. I'm ok with this. But its really, really hard not to buy all of them, right now! Is the temptation REEEEEEEEALLY kicking in for anyone else?

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

You guys are so freaking nice.

Seriously, I can't tell you how much I appreciate the feedback. Thanks to all who have been commenting and conversing with me, itisAWESOMEandIloveit! Also, I've found so many cool new blogs to follow, I don't even know what to do with myself.

Ok. Back to business. I very nearly did not make it out of my pajamas today, true story. Friends, I feel like death warmed over. The sad part is, after I got myself up and dressed in my favorite dress in the world (I'll wax poetic over it at a later date, when you can see the whole thing), and realized that for the first time in nearly 8 years I could actually put my hair up, and tracked down the three bobby pins hidden in my house, and lined my eyes, and pinched my cheeks, and looked in the mirror, I felt fresh and pretty and ready to enjoy this beautiful crisp fall day. But the camera never lies...no matter how I retouch, in my photos I look just as washed out and blah as I feel. Kendi wrote about the same thing yesterday, and man, can I relate. But I'm glad the me in my head feels fresh and pretty. Hopefully soon the real me will catch up! In the meantime, this outfit is so lovely I may wear it again for work tomorrow (I am already back in my jams, so it was pretty much wasted on today, except for a trip to Fred Meyer for more bobby pins)...

Helmut Lang dress, Ladybird's General Store; Olive sweater, F21; Opaque brushed fleece tights (heavenly. go buy them.), Target; Jessica Simpson shoes, The Rack; Vintage zebra scarf, Grandma's; Matching tortoiseshell bangles, Pier 1; Liz Claiborne earrings, Meier and Frank

I cannot wear this scarf without thinking of the amazing wallpaper in Margot's room in The Royal Tenenbaums. My Grandma had mad taste. Also, here is a new corner of my mom's back yard! Are you thrilled? You should be! Look, a trumpet vine! And an olive tree! Also, apologies for the crazy lighting...we meant to take these photos before the dark descended, but got distracted, appropriately, by this loveliness...