Thursday, November 4, 2010

I feel challenged...

Ok! So! I'm super excited right now! The stylish, charming, and epically hilarious Kendi is hosting a challenge for style bloggers...thirty items from your wardrobe (including shoes! Gah!), thirty days in which to style them into thirty great outfits. I've been wanting to do more outfit posts ever since I got my new camera, but...well, whenever I try to take a photo of myself its just...ugh. And the idea of submitting ugh photos on a daily basis is rather discouraging...but fear not! My mom is going to take my pictures for me. Its going to be awesome! We'll bond.  She'll make me do silly and potentially life threatening poses in her back yard. Her dog will make frequent cameos (Please tactfully ignore how much more chic and adorable the dog is than me, ok? Seriously.).

The timing on this is perfect; ever since I stopped buying new clothes (by the way, the challenge also states that you cannot buy anything new for those thirty days! Its all about learning to work with what you already have.), I've become somewhat addicted to paring it will be exciting to see how I can get by on a  well edited capsule wardrobe. I've already chosen my items (only 7 pairs of shoes! Eep!), and I'll be posting them the meantime, here's a Polyvore (I know. Its like a sickness.) mini-editor containing doppelgangers of my thirty challenge items for you to play with (and a few coats/accessories...)! To make your own sets, just click "create" in the upper left corner, then click and drag items from the bottom, and arrange however you like! Click "publish" when you're done, and it will not only post to the gallery on the mini-editor, but to my main Polyvore profile as well!

Get your own Mini Editor from Polyvore

Ok, enough of that. You should go check out Kendi's blog, Kendi Everyday. The "about me" alone will make you pee your pants. Bisous!


  1. i love your blog! it's interesting!

  2. Looking forward to seeing your thirty!

    Also, this little widget is a little too much fun to play with.