Saturday, November 27, 2010

Day 20: In which I love you guys, and outfit 19 never happened...

 I'm so glad I packed my 30 for 30 wardrobe with so many neglected old favorites and things I find comforting and easy to wear. While I miss my black leather minidress like you wouldn't believe, it would not have been a good choice for the last few work/family/health/everything crisis packed weeks. Things are getting better, especially since I killed every last microbe, good or bad, in my body. I hate antibiotics, especially the part where I have to rebuild my immune system from scratch, but it was so worth it in this case. I had no idea how sick I really was! Now that I can breathe/think/eat food/function as a normal human being (Well, more or less...), I'm realizing its past time for some bloggy maintenance.

First off, you may notice the new header! Yay! That's me in tha forest! Next, you'll find new options for following and subscribing to my blog at the bottom of the page. You can also like my blog on Facebook. I update the Facebook page with each post, so you can simply access and read it from there. Any other ideas for how I can make my blog more accessible? Please do not say Twitter. Anything but that... I can't handle it. I'm just not interesting enough, trust me. Let me know in my comments if there is anything else you'd like to see happening here, ok? Phew. Anybody else kinda tired? Blogging is hard work! Seriously, I don't know how high traffic bloggers like Kelly, Tavi, and our fearless leader do it...I desperately want to respond, in depth, to each and every comment you guys leave, but there are nowhere near enough hours in the day. Thanks, all of you, for your thoughtful, kind, and uplifting comments on my last post. I am blown away yet again by how drop dead cool you guys are. I'm looking forward to taking a few hours to just catch up with you and your blogs this weekend. Fingers crossed...

In other news, don't you love this shirt? I do. Its Liz Sport. Can I just say, I am seriously obsessed with pre-90s Liz Claiborne? The clothes are just so timelessly cool, and the fabrics, cut, and craftsmanship really stand out. My mom wore a lot of Liz when I was a kid (I thought it was sooooooo dorky then.), and this piece really epitomizes her look; classic, cool, quirky, a little undone. I think what makes it so special are the details. Its been in my 30 this whole time, but I had to reinforce the buttons before I could wear it...

Vintage blazer, thrifted; Studded belt, Target; Russian Federation Naval hat, thrifted; Levis curvy 528s, Marshalls; Vintage Liz Claiborne blouse, thrifted; Carlos Santana (I snort EVERY TIME I type that) shoes, TJ Maxx; Necklace, self made; Knuckle ring, F21

What's that you say? What ever happened to outfit 19? Shhhhhh....we don't talk about that here. Let's just say....he didn't make the cut.


  1. uhm, yes I love that shirt!
    ...and your shoes.
    ...and your jeans.
    ...and your jacket.

    Great outfit on you, love it.

  2. shut up. you do not have bat jewlery. you and my dad would be bffs. he has a serious bat obsession. when he makes homebrew he tells everyone it is a product of the "bat guano brewery" and when i was a kid he bought me a bat stuffed animal and i'm pretty sure he was more upset than me when i lost it.

    also, i love that comfy shirt with the embellished heels. drool.

  3. that's an interesting hat n you should try something eccentric with it :)

  4. So glad you stopped by! I'm loving your style and your blog.

    Unfortunately, lounging in the tights did not occur but there was quality eating in the European style, (I'm pretty sure we ate for 3 hrs.) I do promise to wear them while lounging in some capacity, they are quite deserving of it.

    Oh, and that pic of you with the hat and the coat and the feather ring... I WANT!!!

  5. love the shirt, for realz, it from the 80's?? its fantastic, classic, and i totally get your obsession. and i freaking love your shoes.

    also: twittahhh!!!