Tuesday, November 16, 2010

You guys are so freaking nice.

Seriously, I can't tell you how much I appreciate the feedback. Thanks to all who have been commenting and conversing with me, itisAWESOMEandIloveit! Also, I've found so many cool new blogs to follow, I don't even know what to do with myself.

Ok. Back to business. I very nearly did not make it out of my pajamas today, true story. Friends, I feel like death warmed over. The sad part is, after I got myself up and dressed in my favorite dress in the world (I'll wax poetic over it at a later date, when you can see the whole thing), and realized that for the first time in nearly 8 years I could actually put my hair up, and tracked down the three bobby pins hidden in my house, and lined my eyes, and pinched my cheeks, and looked in the mirror, I felt fresh and pretty and ready to enjoy this beautiful crisp fall day. But the camera never lies...no matter how I retouch, in my photos I look just as washed out and blah as I feel. Kendi wrote about the same thing yesterday, and man, can I relate. But I'm glad the me in my head feels fresh and pretty. Hopefully soon the real me will catch up! In the meantime, this outfit is so lovely I may wear it again for work tomorrow (I am already back in my jams, so it was pretty much wasted on today, except for a trip to Fred Meyer for more bobby pins)...

Helmut Lang dress, Ladybird's General Store; Olive sweater, F21; Opaque brushed fleece tights (heavenly. go buy them.), Target; Jessica Simpson shoes, The Rack; Vintage zebra scarf, Grandma's; Matching tortoiseshell bangles, Pier 1; Liz Claiborne earrings, Meier and Frank

I cannot wear this scarf without thinking of the amazing wallpaper in Margot's room in The Royal Tenenbaums. My Grandma had mad taste. Also, here is a new corner of my mom's back yard! Are you thrilled? You should be! Look, a trumpet vine! And an olive tree! Also, apologies for the crazy lighting...we meant to take these photos before the dark descended, but got distracted, appropriately, by this loveliness...


  1. Oooh--I love your scarf! And your shoes!
    And I'm so happy to find other bloggers with geeky interests...I was so worried that I'd be the only one. =]

  2. Also, I just scrolled up again and saw your earrings. GORGEOUS.

  3. Oh geez, where to begin. For one, I've totally had days where no matter how much I'd primp and Photoshop, my pictures end up looking so bleah that I don't have the heart to put them up on my blog. Which is silly, all this pressure. What's also silly is your mind's eye. I think you're rocking that zebra scarf, and as a truly pale person, I can say that you don't look washed out, haha.

    Toast with Charmalade

  4. Love that Scarf!

    Happy I located your blog. Looks like we started blogging around the same time, great job! The 30 for 30 challenge has been fun to participate in and meet other bloggers.


  5. you look so professional, yet artistic and funky at the same time. i totally dig your style.

    ah! i loooove the royal tenenbaums, man i need to watch it again...

  6. ps the next time you wear this dress (and wax poetic about it) you better freaking be camping. that would be the ULTIMATE combo in my book. fashion+camping, *sigh*, it will never be.

  7. i love the royal tennenbaumssssss. also i love that dress...IT HAS POCKETS. and the grandma scarf. grandmas with taste are the best. grandmas with questionable taste (like mine) are pretty cool too.