Saturday, November 27, 2010

Day 18: In which Thanksgiving just....doesn't happen. And I am a curmudgeon.

Hi guys. So, my family is having kind of a tough time right now, and we weren't able to celebrate Thanksgiving the way we usually would, with all the feasting and hanging out. Hopefully we'll be able to do so next week. Initially, I was pretty bummed out; on perhaps the most quintessentially American of all holidays, the emphasis is on gratitude for the many ways in which we are blessed, on spending time with family, and on blessing ourselves even further with copious amounts of delicious food. And, in theory at least, I love it. But I don't love what it so often becomes. (Huge, roaring rant coming up. If you're solely here for the outfit post, I recommend skipping to the end.)

I don't love the fact that there's usually a football game on all day, and then another one, and another one, each of them stealing away time we could have spent talking, cooking together, or...I don't know, playing board games. I don't love the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, with its endless stream of mediocre performances by mediocre pop stars, punctuated with grating commentary by un-funny news anchors, all of whom are making more money for that one event than the average American makes in a year of honest work. I don't love the constant barrage of Black Friday commercials, or the fact that over the last few years, stores have started opening on Thanksgiving night, when we should be taking family walks, napping, or, I don't know,  playing board games. I don't love how easily we are encouraged to forget the tragedy of last year's Black Friday tramplings and traffic accidents, and the terrifying lack of social conscience that led to them. I don't love the story we mindlessly tell our kids about the origins of Thanksgiving, and the terrifying lack of social conscience we display in telling it. When I really stop and think about it, the origins of Thanksgiving, and of America, are inextricably entwined with colonialism, white supremacy, and mindless consumption, be it of land, techno gadgets, or mashed potatoes. And that kind of freaks me out. And by kind of, I mean A LOT. So, like most Americans, I try not to think about it too hard, and have another helping of pumpkin cheesecake, and obsess about my Christmas list.

I know, I know, I'm COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY bumming you out, right? Don't worry, it gets better, I promise. See, Thanksgiving didn't happen in my family yesterday. Instead, I went over to my grandma's and watched the dog show (Which was awesome, because dogs are awesome!), and Miracle on 34th Street (The real one, with Natalie Wood). Then we turned the TV off. My mom, instead of slaving away in the kitchen all day making the traditional feast, whipped up some butternut squash biscuits with cranberries, walnuts, and candied ginger, and we shared a big pot of tea, and just enjoyed each other's company. It was simple, and easy, and delicious, and heartfelt. It felt like what Thanksgiving should be. Except, we've really got to get some board games. Baby steps, people, baby steps.

Vintage tweed coat, made by Grandma; Faux fur collar, self made; Vintage dress, thrifted; Psychadelic tights, Spartacus (Ignore the whips, focus on the amazing selection of legwear.); Vintage Frye boots, thrifted; Studded belt, thrifted; Vintage celluloid bangle, Mom's; Vintage rhinestone apple brooch, thrifted; Amazing hair, woke up with it. Ha!

Here's to a lovely and heartfelt holiday season, for all of us. I'll try to be less of a grump, and more of a mindless consumer, I promise. Well, ok, not really. I'm planning on avoiding the big box stores as much as possible, and finishing up my Christmas shopping on Hawthorne or Alberta instead. Which I guess you could call being a mindful consumer, doing my bit for the local economy, and spoiling my loved ones with handmade goodies, which, in my family at least, trumps techno gadgets every time. Because we are cave people. In other news...You guys guessed right! Its the shoes! Its always the shoes ( I'm saving up for the Emerson Made jeans, though. And also the years of therapy I will need to help me handle the guilt associated with spending that much on a pair of jeans. And you better believe that if those gloves are still around after the 30 is over, they are MINE. How cute would they be with my Grandma's coat, above?). I almost bought the Danys last year, when they only came in brown suede or black leather, but something told me to hold off. Then I saw those grey ones, and it was love....The salesgirl at Nordstrom said they were selling like hotcakes...and I'm sure she was laughing all the way to the cash register. But hey, I wanted 'em. Reeeeeeeeeeeeal bad! UPS says they'll be here by Monday....


  1. I like the way you think and the way you look behind the surfice of things!I don't like the way people and values are sacrificed over making more money!Also,the best celebrations I've ever had were spontaneous and not organised.

  2. I love that you are so conscience of certain things in society! That's the only way things will change! I wish we could rewind to the simpler days when Thanksgiving was just Thanksgiving and Christmas wasn't so comercialized. And god am I sick of these non talented people that are deemed celebrities! Love your boots btw. Don't get me started on my own rant! hehehe

  3. Rose, your post really struck a cord with me (even though I don't celebrate Thanksgiving) and I'm totally with you.

    By the way, the dress and boots is my favorite look of yours so far. Love this look on you, you look stunning.

  4. i am 100% behind everything you said above. i watched the dog show and miracle on 34th street, too. (um is it bad that when i saw the last scene in which natalie wood, an eight year old, is wearing knee socks and flat shoes i was like OMG I NEED THAT LOOK!!!) your thanksgiving sounds lovely, especially the tea. i'm sorry things are rough right now. boo-urns. but hopefully they'll be better soon? after all, you are getting new shoes.

    you looked cute and your dog is cute. and i want those tights. and you're awesome. the end.

  5. I did a mini rant on my blog too..Lol I really like your outfit and enjoyed reading your post. I'm happy to have stopped by and will continue to peek in for inspiration!! Lovely Remix! ;)

  6. btw: What vintage shop do you go to because every piece your wearing looks brand new?? Especially the tweed jacket and beautiful brown boots!

  7. I love this dress! And the way it hits the boots at just the right length!
    I'm glad you enjoyed your day, your way.!

    The Auspicious Life

  8. Hello...I just found your blog link and wanted to say HI...I scrolled through your outfits and love what youve done with the remix so far....Im a new follower:)

    Stop by and say Hello:)
    Statements in Fashion Blog♥

  9. Ha, another curmudgeon here. Your biscuits/scones sound delicious. The only toe you've stepped on is that bit about "mashed potatoes". Seriously impressed with your Frye boots.

  10. What a fabulous coat! (and a talented grandma). The vintage bangle is also great and it reminds me of a very similar one my mom has in ivory. I may have to beg her for it...