Friday, November 12, 2010

Day 5: Dear God, please make it warm again. Thanks.

We had our first frost this morning. By the time we took these photos it had lifted, but cold!

I love this little hat...its old, old, old as the hills, and so soft. Its really for a child,, I have a small head. What are your thoughts on wearing fur? I have a few vintage pieces from my family that I love to wear, and I am always secretly paranoid that someday someone will freak out on me when I am wearing them, but people actually seem to like it. I get petted a lot, which is...awkward, but kind of sweet. I would never, ever buy new fur. Its such a vanity item; we don't need fur to keep warm any more, and we don't need to keep killing animals to create new furs when there are already so many beautiful antique and vintage pieces languishing on the racks of thrift stores for next to nothing. I hate to think of animals suffering in the here and now just so someone rich and pretentious can look rich and pretentious in a brand new fur coat. 

Also, isn't it funny that I'm concerned about fur, when my skirt, my boots, and the buttons on my coat are all leather?  Hmmm. Am I getting too deep with this? Probably. Let's talk about something wonderful! Like my earrings! They are also old as the hills (1910s-20's), and I love them to an unspeakable degree.

Old Navy camel coat, thrifted and tailored; J.Crew leather skirt, thrifted; Cynthia Rowly tiered top, TJ Maxx; Banana Republic sweater, thrifted; Vintage Frye boots, had so long I can't remember where they came from; Antique fox fur hat, Mom's; Antique earrings, Stars and Splendid Antiques; Matching faux tortoise bangles, Pier 1.


  1. That hat is lovely. You're lucky your head is small, mine is HUGE and it's hard to find hats that'll fit, so when I do? I snatch 'em up!
    I've gotten a little obsessed with vintage fur collars, I've bought three already on ebay and etsy but I rarely wear them because they make me feel so ... decadent. Or something. And I have that same fear, that someone will freak out or throw red paint at me. :)
    But I'm still on the lookout for that "perfect" collar, I just love the look of them.

  2. Gorgeous outfit! I love the hat - it looks great! I also have a very small head and am very jealous of people who can wear hats. Hats tend to come down over my ears - what's up with that?

  3. loveeeeeeeeeeee. espesh the earrings (drool) and the hat (double drool). (yes, i just phoenetically spelled out an abbreviation. i am that cool.) like the above commenter, my head is also hugenormous, but that doesn't stop me envying your chapeau.

  4. Eh, tiny heads are not all they're cracked up to be, trust me.

  5. haha^

    how lovely does your hair look under that hat? so lovely!

  6. LOVE this! That hat is insane awesome. I wish I had a "hat face". I love them so much and my husband politely tells me that they really look awful on me. Loving the boots and the colors and textures you mixed. I'm a vegetarian and am concerned about fur too- but funny since I don't think about the leather thing either!

  7. Great outfit! I love the colours, the proportions, the textures - everything!