Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What about shopping for Christmas presents for other people to give you?

Is that ok? Because, you know, that's what I did tonight.

Emerson Made bluebell jeans, Jessica Simpson Dany platforms, Modcloth gloves, Modcloth Scarf, Urban Outfitters bag. Perfection.

P.S. I will not get any of these things. I will get books, and pajamas, and socks. I'm ok with this. But its really, really hard not to buy all of them, right now! Is the temptation REEEEEEEEALLY kicking in for anyone else?


  1. Hi, I'm Heidi. I am your new best friend. I am in want of alllll the pretty things you've posted that you want for Christmas. & since I'm you're new best friiiiieeeennnnd..... Do you see where this is leading?


    I think I might have had an O over those gloves, though. & who doesn't want their silhouette to look that good in jeans? Man, hot stuff!

  2. i have been wanting that scarf toooo. i want to shop. lots. but i'm kind of glad the 30 for 30 is making me hold back...nothing like the intronetz to hold you accountable, huh?

  3. loooove the shoes!

    and I have to say...that´s what I usually do every Christmas

  4. Ignore Heidi. I'M your best friend. Right? Right? RIGHT????? My goodness I want those shoes. Broken ankles are no big.

  5. Ok, guys. I met the bag at Urban Outfitters last night, and it did not live up to my expectations. *sigh* Oh well, one less temptation! Not gonna lie, the shoes are on pre-order...

    Yeah, my family does not buy me clothes. And that's ok, because I love books and techie gadgets and stuff, and I'm much less likely to spend money on those things for myself.