Sunday, November 21, 2010

Day 14: In which getting out of bed proves to be the true challenge...

Uuuuuugh. Ugh. Its brutally cold here, guys. I realize I'm being extraordinarily whiny. I also realize "brutally cold" for an Oregon native is "bracingly chilly" for a lot of other people. I just don't care. When you're already sick as a dog, its rough to wake up to below freezing temperatures! Here's a brief  synopsis of my morning, for your amusement...

*Wake up. Groggy. Snuffle around in covers, seeking warmth. Squish cat. Panic, think: oh God, have killed cat! Doom! Attain full consciousness as overwhelming guilt kicks in. Cat is fine. Sink back into covers. Realize need to take antibiotic, reach over to bedside table, realize there is no water. Briefly contemplate choking antibiotic down sans water. Reject. Lie in bed and stare at ceiling for ten minutes while working up courage to throw covers off and make mad dash to kitchen. Do it! Aggggggh! Where are slippers? Toes so cold! WHERE ARE @#$%^&* SLIPPERS????? Hurl self back into bed and burrow under covers in frantic search for long lost body heat. Spend next ten minutes in fetal position and fervent denial of fact that slippers are in bathroom and mad dash to kitchen for water will have to be made barefoot. Decide to just go back to sleep instead. Rinse, repeat.*

Obviously, I broke the cycle at some point, because I'm sitting here now, typing away, fully dressed, with a cup of tea and a purring cat (He loves it when I am sick, because it means he can hang out and gnaw on my extremities while I try to rest up.), and actually feeling a little better, as it happens. In honor of that fact, I'm busting out a couple of 30 for 30 items I haven't worn yet. Also, I'm channeling Catherine Baba (as usual, The Glamourai sums it up nicely...) pretty hardcore today. Isn't she a trip? Like, if Bowie and Dietrich had a love child, you'd get La Baba. Seriously, if you're having a crap day, try a turban. Everything gets better, I promise. Also, your head is warm all day and strangers smile at you.

So awkward! And yet so happy!

Vintage Liz Claiborne trousers, thrifted; Vintage secretary blouse, thrifted; Antique wolverine (!!!) stole; Carlos jeweled heels, TJ Maxx; Vintage scarf, thrifted; Vintage earrings, Stars and Splendid Antiques; Coral necklace, gift from Mom; Self made necklace (You guys are probably sick of this, huh? I'll be debuting a few other self made pieces throughout the week, so keep your eyes peeled! Ew!); Bangles are a mix of vintage and thrifted.

 Full disclosure: I am wearing long johns under here! Can you tell? Nope? That's the best thing about this outfit! The second best thing is that by scaling it back to one piece of statement jewelry, and swapping out the fur for this jacket, I can make it completely work appropriate, and still feel chic as hell. In other news, I'll be holding down the fort and monopolizing the kleenex tonight while my wonderful parents celebrate their anniversary. Good job guys! Way to be married! I fully expect you to stumble in at the wee-est hours of the morning, drunk as little skunkies, howling something by Beyonce. Just kidding. Please, please don't. All teasing aside, words cannot do justice to the beauty and strength of your marriage. I feel so blessed to have been raised in the shelter of your partnership. Love, today, and always, Banjo.


  1. First of all, thank you so much for all of the hair dye info! :) It was all very informative.

    Secondly, I LOVE this look; very chic! That stole is just amazing.

    I also love how you're wearing long johns underneath! ;) I know how it can be when it gets cold, haha.

  2. omg you look fabulous. who's sick? not you.

    my dogs say hi. particularly the pookums. she also likes your turban. or, anyway, she just put her nose up the front of my coat and sneezed, and i am assuming that's what that means.

  3. I love this outfit! I want all your jewellery :D xx

  4. That's a nice fashion forward outfit!I can tell by the smile on your face that you had a good time !I like your style ,it's so unique.

  5. This outfit is absolutely incredible. So unique and personal...the accessories are blowing my mind.

    Followin' for sure. And thanks for your sweet comment!

  6. I love that you are wearing long johns! So practical! It is so cold. We tried taking outside pictures today and the wind was too much to bear. The pictures are atrocious. We have to try again later in the day.

    The Auspicious Life

  7. Hello ma'am.

    Several items:

    1. You are my new favorite person ever. I kind of want to write a little jingle about you. But advertising and composing are not my strong suits, unfortunately.

    2. I hope you are feeling better, I will be reading the more recent posts next, where I'm sure I'll find that answer- but I was aggressively drawn to these photos immediately and could not look at anything else. So, you may be hearing from me very shortly.

    3. I am going to put you on my blog roll immediately. Do you have a preference for Lady Pants McGee or The Curator Style? I may just put them both. Ah, you.

    Nice to officially meet you, Miss McGee.

    .Haiku Ambulance