Monday, November 22, 2010

Day 15: We now return to our regularly scheduled programming...

Aaaaah, hello, weekend! After a long and frankly rather miserable week during which no one came to the museum, I was horrendously ill, and everybody got tired of me complaining all the time, things are looking up. thank. goodness. I hate resting. Don't get me wrong; I'm hands down the most inherently lazy person I know. Truly, with me, accomplishing nothing of substance has been elevated to an art form. But when its mandatory, being lazy loses all its charm, don't you think? So its refreshing to be able to catch up with life...this week I need to research an (unfairly) obscure historical figure for a Wiki entry, paint my bedroom and living room (fingers crossed!) with my dad, finish remodeling my closet, set up a guest bedroom (the holidays are coming!!!), pick up one of my besties from the airport, have dinner with a very handsome man, and, of course, celebrate Thanksgiving! Mmmmm...candied sweet potatoes.... I can hardly wait! Why do I wait? Why not live all year round on sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie and stuffing with turkey gravy? Is that such a crazy dream? I love my weekends (M&T) because I don't have to worry about looking professional, respectable, or capable of doing anything other than being cute. Which brings us to today's outfit. I'm thinking the next few days will be pretty utilitarian, so I got my girly jollies with this pretty leopard dress. It needs a crinoline, though, I think. Also, these tights are the best $10 I've ever spent...honestly, even when I was running around in sleet and rain my legs stayed warm and dry. Are you sensing a theme? I HATE being cold. These will be heroically saving me from that fate all winter long.

  J. Crew taffeta dress, Buffalo Exchange; J. Crew cardigan, thrifted; Microfleece lined tights, Target; Jessica Simpson platform mary janes, The Rack; Frocky Jack Morgan necklace, gift; Matching tortoiseshell bangles, Pier 1; Pom pom hat, self made (inspired by this, this, and this.). I wanted something a little softer and less structured, with a larger profile and no visible means of attachment. Job done.

Someday I will go to Yokoo's Etsy shop, and I will buy everything. Because it is all genius. Especially the chain link scarves. And the oversized cowls. And the giant baubles. And....

Speaking of genius, check out Frocky Jack Morgan (click on the hippo). She's a local girl who handcrafts exquisite, otherworldly, one of a kind pieces using found materials.


  1. Oh my gosh, your pom pom hat is amazing. And I've never thought to wear this dress for daytime but I'm definitely going to take it out for a spin once the 30 is over.

  2. Pom Pom Hat - Thanks Shannon I couldn't think of what to call that little guy. So fun!!

  3. Adorable as usual, esp. the pom-pom hat and the criss-cross neckline of the dress!

  4. I LOVE that Pom Pom Hat! Adorable!

    And aren't tights the best? I hate the cold as well, so during the Winter, I can wear tights every day of the week (sometimes under jeans if it's really cold)!

  5. The puff on your head is just too sweet! Love the color!

  6. loveeeee the pom pom hat. also, i love the leopard dress and i double-dog dare you to buy a crinoline when the challenge is over. and then wear it with EVERYTHING. and then send it to me and i can wear it with everything. the end.

  7. Beautiful dress and creative styling. I'm a fellow remixer, wishing you luck on the remaining challenge.


    That has A + smeared all over it.

    And I feel you on the Yokoo business. This winter I plan on ripping off several designs in my own archaic, amateur knitting hands. We shall see how well I do.

    Did I mention you're my new favorite person...???


    Oh yeah&: Microfleece lined tights! From Target? Is this a recent purchase? I, too, am not a fan of being cold. And I was recently told by my chiropractor that I have some mild circulation disorder that will guarantee cold feet and hands for life.

    His solution?

    Socks + gloves.

    Thanks, Doc.

  9. Ooo I'm loving that dress and the coat! You are so bold with your choices, wish I was little more like that! I found you thru Kendi!

  10. I'm so happy I found this blog, you have such great style. This has to be one of my favorite looks so far. I just love the headpiece!! Your choice in accessories is way beyond my style reach. Truly inspired!! ;)