Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Day 8: In which I can't think of a title because I'm too sleepy...

 I am feeling under the weather, and all I want to do is Hulu 30 rock and fall asleep, so I'm not even going to try to describe what's going on here. Suffice it to say, I love this jacket with a passion (another amazeballs Korean piece. Once upon a time, it was the top half of a suit. The bottom half was a miniskirt. I oh-so-foolishly gave it back to the thrift store, as, at the time, I took myself far too seriously for miniskirts. D'oh!), and these shoes....well. I think the shoes speak for themselves. The end. Oh, and I had a guest photographer today! My best friend Ashley and I met for lunch and a little vintage shopping at Rerun (don't worry, I didn't snap! Even though there was so much cool stuff there guys....), and she kindly took my photos in the pretty leaves in front of her house. You can see her photostream here. Ok really. Bed.

Levis Curvy 528s, Marshalls; Striped sweater, F21; Vintage scarf, thrifted; Vintage wool double breasted blazer, thrifted; Vintage lady bag, Ladybird's General Store; Carlos shoes, TJ Maxx.


  1. I love the shoes!So special,honestly!

  2. You rock these colors. So well done.

  3. Those shoes are soooo amazing!
    Don't you hate when you get rid of clothes, and then a bit later you really wish you had it?! That's probably why I'm such a hoarder..haha

  4. I remember seeing those shoes at my local TJMaxx, too! Though I didn't get them-- I call them the wonderfully ridiculous shoes because of the baubles that look like candy and the heel that makes me wary. You're definitely rocking them. :)

    I also read that you liked Korean pieces because they fit your petite frame-- I do like the Korean style, too! though I only have a few. I think I may have a bias, though.

    Here's to Huluing 30 Rock! I wish I could do that now, blerg. I also want to thank you for the very nice compliment. It made me happy as a girl with ham.

    Toast with Charmalade

  5. good lord i <3 your outfit, especially the accessories. also, damn good writing skillz you have, i really enjoy reading your blog!

  6. EVERYTHING IS SO GOOD. i love how you're so casual "oh you know just random beautiful amazing korean thrifted vintage nbd" while i'm over here drooling on my keyboard. everything at my salvo's is like...the limited and ann taylor loft. blech.

    and those shoes make me want to pack up and move where you are so i can stare at them in person. just sayin'.

  7. I'm digging the navy and orange color combo. May have to borrow that from you in the future. Love it!!!