Thursday, November 18, 2010

Day 10: I heart old people.

We had an amazing group of seniors come to the museum today (dislcaimer: I completely forgot they were scheduled to come! Is that what calendars are for? Huh. ), and their enthusiasm, interest, and curiosity completely made up for the dismal attendance at last weekend's event. *sigh* Sometimes its easy to wonder if what you are doing with your life is really worthwhile...and then you get people who genuinely care and are affected by your work, and take the time to tell you what a difference you made in their day, and its just...wonderful.

I was tempted to just wear what I wore yesterday again, but then my mom asked me what I was going to wear today, and she sounded so excited, so then I got excited too, and put this together, and MAN OH MAN, I love it. This scarf is secretly a throw, but its the softest virgin wool, and reminds me of blue skies, and I cant resist wrapping myself up in it on rainy grey days. I wanted to show you the rest of this dress (Sorry Katie, I'm not camping. I wish I was! In Costa Rica!). Its Helmut Lang fall '09, literally straight off the runway. I know. How did it end up in a closet in Newberg, Oregon? Well, long story short, the woman who owns Ladybird's General Store (Best vintage in Portland, hands down. Also, drop dead coolest shop girls. I want to hang out with them and make milkshakes and listen to Bowie records all. day. long.) is a stylist, and she worked on the show, and she brought a few pieces home, and this one simply HAD to be mine.

It is, by far, the most I've ever spent on an item of clothing, though, for Helmut Lang, a total steal, and worth every stinkin' penny. The construction is just breathtaking. It sort of wraps around, and fastens asymmetrically in the back, with this long vertical panel that falls straight down from the collar, and then it has this clever little built in bra thingy...Yeah. I lack the technical know-how to do it justice, but trust me, amazing. Space age Art deco Gibson girl madness. The material is a very lightweight wool challis, which makes it really versatile for year round wear, and it looks great layered for casual daytimes, or stripped down to its glorious bones for evening. Like, today, it took me from work, to hanging out with the fam, to running errands up in Portland (Geeeeeez, you guys, could it be any more miserable out there? I couldn't tell you how many times I heard people frantically asking shop owners if they sold Oregon!), to late night drinks at my favorite sake bar. And yes, it has pockets. Aaaaah, love.

Helmut Lang dress, Ladybird's General Store; Vintage wool blazer, thrifted; Wool scarf, Banana Republic Home; Studded belt, Target; Jeffrey Campbell boots, The Rack; Vintage turquoise rhinestone earrings, Stars & Splendid Antiques; Antique silver and gemstone bracelet, gift from Mom.

P.S. Note to self; Do not wear virgin wool on a rainy day without an umbrella. You will smell like wet sheep. The vast majority of people do not find the smell of wet sheep remotely attractive, and those that do should be avoided.


  1. You. have. a. rockin'. body.

    & dress. That is hands down, the sexiest little black dress I have ever seen. & duuuuuude, it's so versatile!

    & I totally read your entire novella, & loved it. I really appreciate posts with more than just blurbs!

  2. hahaha nice little note to self there at the end.

    i totally agree, worth every penny (however many pennies that is...), you will probably have it forever! pass it on to daughters (or nieces, or friend's children, whatevs), and it will be loved for a long time to come!

    ALSO i am learning to love old people as well. that is not to say i disliked them before, but lately i've found myself getting into conversation with some who come into my store, and they just seem to really appreciate having someone to listen to them talk about their kids, or their friends, or their little frog coin purse. i love starting a conversation with those who seem real bitter or just quiet, and you can just see their exterior persona break down and then they could talk to you for hours if you let them!