Sunday, November 7, 2010

30 for 30 Challenge items: the real deal

Dear lord, its Sunday already. How do these things happen? How? Time to kick off the 30 for 30 are my 30 items that I'll be using to create 30 days worth of outfits. Some of them are quite rumply...I meant to do laundry, but it was totally one of those weeks....again. If you see a fuzzy disgruntled blur lurking at the edge of some of these photos, do not adjust your screen. Its just my cat, disapproving of this frivolous new use of his bed. And yes, my pants are TOTALLY doing the can-can.

So, I'm kicking it off with 5 pairs of shoes, 2 pairs of boots (ah, Dr, Martens, I miss you already [I've been wearing them nonstop the last few days...time for a footwear intervention!]), 3 pairs of pants and 1 skirt, 3 dresses and 1 suit (counting as 2 items), 9 tops, and 5 sweaters. Coats and accessories don't count, but, this being Oregon and all, I'll prolly photograph most of my looks with outerwear.

Anyway, I'll be starting tomorrow with brand fresh clothes, I promise. I'm a little terrified...but still super-excited! Wish me luck....and tune in every day for new and exciting looks, with the same old stuff.

P.S. wow! I love flipping though the wicked creative looks you guys have been creating in my Polyvore mini-gallery (located in my last post)! Keep it up!


  1. I believe in you 100%. You CAN do this, my little clothesaholic! And I like the way you have laid out your wardrobe - they are friends already! I look forward to taking your 30 pictures to prove to one and all (and mostly you) that a person can live, nay, THRIVE on only 30 pieces of clothing a month. Counting down.... and she's off and dressing!

  2. hey there, fellow remixer!!! i can't wait to see all of your outfits =]
    p.s. i have that banana republic leopard print dress, too! it's not in my 30, though.

  3. I love love love your footwear! Actually, I like your stuff over all - I can't wait to see how you remix it all...

  4. It's official: your pieces are my favorite. You've got plaid, striped, animal print, leather, boots, clogs...yeah, yep, this is going to be awesome. Can't wait to see how you put things together.

  5. I love all your items. So unusual (in a good way). Can't wait to see all the outfits you come up with. Days 1-4 are great, very creative.