Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Day 16: In which nothing was accomplished, and much was eaten...

Remember that giant list of things I hoped to accomplish this weekend? Guess how many of them got done? That's right, not a single one. And yet, I still feel such a sense of accomplishment. Why? Because I got to hang out with my best friend. We made black beans and rice, walked around town, stomped on frozen leaf piles, got loads of fatty pastries from the Panaderia, took some pictures of mushrooms, saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, and came home and watched a video about how mushrooms can save the world. Not too shabby.

Levis curvy 528s, Marshalls; Plaid flannel, Delia*s; Green sweater, F21; Puffy vest, ??; Lucky brand scarf, gift; Antique fur hat, Mom's; Leather gloves, thrifted; Uggs (not in my 30. Whatevs. It was 17 degrees out, guys.), gift.


  1. Holy snaz. That scarf is seriously cool. :)

  2. that scarf looks like you hunted down an afghan and took its pelt as your prize. which is awesome because i don't feel one way or another about afghans, but i love that scarf. and that hat.

  3. Oh, the scarf. I must have one just like it!