Monday, November 8, 2010


Here's whats on my radar right now; Striking, unexpected color combinations, traditional Korean dresses, glamorous antique cigarette posters, Erte, Valentino in the 60's, vintage Marimekko prints, vintage advertising graphics (I wholeheartedly agree with this little man's priorities), and yes, lumberjacks. Always.

P.S. clearly this has filtered into my choices for the 30 for 30 Challenge! Little did I realize how tricksy my subconscious was being when I put together my fur hat and flannel shirt! Now, where did I leave my singing mounties.....?


  1. One of my top favorite Monty Python skits! That and, "THIS. IS AN EX. PARROT." Genius. Love the montage; you have great taste!

  2. This is such an eclectic, yet totally inspiring selection! I love that antique cigarette poster and the two dimension quality and bold colors of the Marimekko prints are just stunning.

  3. I definitely like the way you experiment with your styles! All your sources of inspiration are favorites of mine ,too!I'd like to see more of your outfits!Please tell me what you honestly think of mine!