Thursday, November 11, 2010

Epic love: or, days 2, 3, and 4.

I think this may just be the most unabashedly romantic outfit I've ever worn...ah, but I'm in the mood for love! This sweater is the comfiest, prettiest thing in my closet. I snagged it on super-duper clearance from Anthropologie last winter. It somehow manages to be a jaw dropping statement piece and go with everything in my closet simultaneously. Which is funny, because when I dropped that $80 (To put things in perspective...I'll drop that on skincare in a second. Wierd? Maybe...), I thought it was tremendously impractical!

Sweater, Anthropologie; Cynthia Rowly layered top, TJ Maxx; Levi's curvy 528s, Marshalls; Studded belt, Target; Irregular Choice boots, Mod Cloth; Vintage opaline glass necklace, Ladybird's General Store; Antique celluloid bangle, mom's

Ok, so...I wasn't able to photograph my outfits over the last couple of days, so here they are, in reconstructed splendor...

Tuesday I had a lunch meeting with my wonderful bosses, The National Society of the Colonial Dames of America in the State of Oregon (say that three times fast!). Before I took over curatorship of the museum, my incredible mother held the post for ten years, and today they honored her for her work. It was a very proud moment for me. These women are not only brilliant and civically minded but also insanely polished, so I always feel like I need to bring my A-game. Since I had this meeting in mind while I was choosing my 30 pieces, I made sure to include this amazing "suit" (actually two pieces thrifted separately, but don't they look great together?). To throw off the Jackie O vibes a bit, I added this eye popping fuschia top. It has pockets! The end.

Liz Claiborne jacket, thrifted and tailored; Anne Klein wool skirt, thrifted; Martin + Osa top, TJ Maxx; Opaque tights, Target; Carlos Santana boots, TJ Maxx, Echo scarf, thrifted

Wednesday I got up early and went to the wholesale flower market on Swan Island, to stock up on seasonal decorations for the museum. Oh, man, is that place ever magical! I could spend hours. And probably thousands. The selection of ribbons alone had me swooning...six inch wide irridescent silk dupioni with sculpted rosebuds? Yes please! And the feathers! And the amazing, outlandish flowers....aaaaah! Then it was a mad dash back to Newberg in time to open the museum, followed by an afternoon hunting for bright fall foliage to dry and make into garlands. Needless to say, practicality was the order of the day...These little leopard flats were a fairly recent purchase, and I am so pleased with them that I went back and got another pair, for that sad day when they inevitably wear out...I've been through this before! Leopard flats have become one of my signature accessories...they just seem to add the perfect little irreverent but chic pop to any outfit, and look so great with jeans. Do you have a signature piece you just can't live without?

Levi's curvy 528s, Marshalls; Sweatshirt, thrifted; Max Mara coat, thrifted; Echo scarf, thrifted; Leopard flats, Target; Antique celluloid bangle, Mom's


  1. loving:

    1) that cardigan
    2) that gray coat (i have a similar one and it make me feel like a grown-up, no matter what i am wearing)
    3) those jeans

    i, too, love my leopard flats. yet another thing i am kicking myself for not including in the challenge.

  2. Haha, I don't think I could live without them! I know exactly what you mean about the makes me feel put together and polished, even if I'm just throwing it on over jeans and a sweatshirt!

  3. Where to start?
    The "impractical" sweater is gorgeous.
    I can't believe you thrifted those 2 pieces seperately. They create the PURfect suit. The addition of the fuschia top? Eye popping indeed.
    And finally, I love my leopard flats too. I'm confused why I haven't worn them more in my 30 for 30... hmmmm
    Leaving the House in THIS?!?!

  4. you have great style! i wish i could work boyfriend-style jeans like that, and i looooove that sweater.

  5. I love it all, especially the shoes! The irregular choice boots are FIERCE.

  6. Thanks guys! I did a post on these jeans a few weeks back...That's how good they are. They're from the new Levi's curve ID line. What I love most about them is that they barely have any lycra, so they'll weather really well. Also, fantastic butt coverage. I would highly, highly recommend them to anybody.

    As for the boots....yeah. *sigh* I love them. The lining is hot pink velvet! I think this colorway is long gone, but I've also seen a black pair in the same cut that's really pretty.

  7. love all of these outfits & glad you love Grizzly Bear too!<3

  8. I love how you took a classic red suit and made it so chic and modern. Keep up the good work.