Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Day 17: In which our heroine falls off the wagon (just a bit)...

No outfit today, kids. I won't lie, I'm wearing what I wore yesterday. And I'm only wearing it for as long as it takes to tromp over to the museum and put up a big sign that says "Back on Friday, Happy Thanksgiving!" (EDIT: Guess what I found on the grounds? A pair of swim trunks and a bikini top. Might I point out that it was below freezing last night? I probably don't want to know, huh?). Then its pjs and Hulu and craftiness all day long. I made this pretty little collage of awesome things that I'm in love with right now. One of them will be on my doorstep in verrrrry short order.

That's right. I caved. If this was a competition, I would be a loser. Oh, frailty, thy name is Rose. All I can say is, there were some pretty serious extenuating circumstances. What kind of extenuating circumstances, you ask? Um, the kind where I wanted it. Real bad. And it might have sold out by the time the challenge ended. And I wanted it. Real bad. Did I mention I wanted it real bad?

clockwise, from top left; The clothbound Penguin Classics. They are like candy. I just want to gnaw on their pretty little covers.
A Rather Novel Collection perfume crayon in 5:00 at Belvoir Castle. Yep. Still obsessed with this whole concept/this fragrance in particular.
The ever-covetable Jessica Simpson Dany platforms, reissued in grey snakeskin. Nom.
The Minimalist Effort wool gloves from Modcloth. For cool girls only.
This hat. I feel a DIY coming on (its $700. So, uh, I won't be buying it. Because I like eating.).
Marc by Marc Jacobs tortoiseshell hair clip. Margot Tannenbaum would wear this.
Bluebell jeans, by Emerson Made. Real denim. No stretch. High waisted. Pretty much the perfect pants. (Sorry I cut off your head, Em!)
Fresh Sake Bath. *Sigh. Swish, swish, sigh.*
Lipstick Queen black tie optional lip color. Such a cool concept, you guys. My inner goth swoons.
The perfect schoolgirl kilt. To be worn with 40 eye Docs and a bit of attitude. Because grunge was good.
BeBaroque Lourdes tights. Ridiculous? check. Awesome? CHECK.
A feathered necklace. Total DIY-able.
And in the middle; Alexander McQueen S/S11 ribbon embroidered clutch. Seriously, is the McQueen accessories team not just knocking it out of the park lately? I will take one of everything, please.

Can you guess which one of these items shall soon be mine? Hint: not the clutch. *sniff*


  1. I think it's the gloves.

  2. dany platforms!! (i hope, those are gorgeous, but i could never wear them. i would fall over. so, i loooove seeing them on other people!)

  3. i'm pretty sure it's the emerson made jeans.

    also, while i don't like black friday shopping, i underestimated the appeal of online free shipping and dramatically slashed prices. what was i thinking, taking up a no shopping ban?

    here's the one thing, thanks to, that i cannot say no to and that i will be buying IMMEDIATELY upon the completion of outfit 30:

    ps- i love that you love margot tennenbaum as much as i do.

  4. Oh how my mind races! What could it be? What would be so dire and covetable that there may be none left??

    The Jean? (which I, too, have been aching and aching for...)

    The new Dany? Perhaps the bloggers are turning into monsters for this shoe (for good reason) and the new print is limited edition...? Methinks perhaps.

    Or- are we all thrown for a loop and it's the Penguin Books?!

    Can't wait to see you in that lipstick.


  5. It it was me, I would be getting the gloves. And it wouldn't count against the shopping ban because right now in Portland they are a totally necessity!

    The Auspicious Life

  6. You have an awesome blog! And thanks for your comment on mine, my little cousin has a style all of her own, I cant take the credit!! I'm your new follower :) XOXO,