Sunday, August 29, 2010

Let's talk about fall...

Its coming! the air is getting crisper, and the sharp smell of woodsmoke is beginning to overshadow the pervasive summer fragrance of fresh cut grass as the evenings close in ever earlier. I, for one, am EXCITED! I never know what to do with summer clothes-wise, especially when it comes to work-appropriateness. My go-to uniform of a floaty top and ripped up jeans is out...likewise anything too short or wispy in the dress department. Which pretty much leaves me up a creek. Note to self: "I would totally wear this to Glastonbury if I was Kate Moss!" is no longer an acceptable dress buying criteria. Period.

Fall, however, is a different story. My wardrobe is rife with potential for clever layering. Pair that wispy, inappropriate little dress with opaque tights and a classically tailored wool blazer, and it suddenly becomes smart and gamine. Mix that leather mini with a chunky sweater and a secretary blouse and it whispers ladylike chic, instead of screaming "but I'm with the band!"

This fall I am drawing inspiration from a couple of classy ladies, in particular Anjelica Huston for Valentino and the inimitable on-screen style of Faye Dunaway. From her depression-era by way of the seventies sweaters and breezy chiffon frocks in Bonnie and Clyde to her borrowed from the boys but worn like a lady tailored separates in Network, she looks grown up, feminine, and cool. The accessories alone! Scarves, hats, furs, little leather belts...and, of course, cheekbones out to THERE. Apparently, I'm not the only one in the mood for a little retro drama, as the fall '10 collections offered plenty of louche, ladylike seventies references. The standouts?

Carolina Herrera

Cynthia Rowley
J. Crew

Seriously. My pulse is racing. Sweaters and jackets and vests, oh my! *sigh* Now all I need is ten more inches of perfectly wavy hair and a good handgun.

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