Thursday, September 23, 2010

Central PA Deciduosity

Been gone a spell. Flew out to State College, PA to spend some time at boyfriend's ancestral home. Pffft. It is beyond beautiful out there. I was dorkily impressed by the sheer amount of deciduous trees, and the often fascinating forms they took. We spent the better part of a day meandering about the woods, where I became particularly entranced with a particular moss I've never seen grew in big pillowy pale mint colored tussocks and looked sooooo soft...but felt like plastic! We also met a very nice beetle and startled a small herd of deer and played with a toy airplane in a grassy meadow full of thistles and butterflies. *Sigh* Kinda miss it.

We also watched the most recent season of Dr. Who in its entirety. How do we do it?


  1. At first I misread. Thought you said "we STARTED a small herd of deer" -- whoa?!

  2. Oh, no, we did that too. They breed REALLY fast out there. ;)