Thursday, September 23, 2010


Yesterday I woke up in the most randomly giddy mood...I literally jumped out of bed, threw on these old favorites, and, despite having loads of serious and sensible things to do at home, hopped in the car and set off on a grand adventure. After accomplishing the Last Great Shopping Spree, I surprised Boyfriend at work and smuggled him away to run a satisfying string of silly little know, the sort you put off for months on end, and then suddenly, you're in the right place and the right mood and you just DO them and its actually fun and then you feel lighter than air because you finally DID them? *sigh* Lovely. We finished with a big fat sushi dinner, of course.

If these photos make it look a bit like I just rolled out of bed, bummed around most of Portland, and got caught in the rain, its because I did. Not state of the art, I know, but I have only had my little camera for one day, and we are still getting acquainted! Ok, enough excuses...

 I am wearing this ridiculous panda sweater nearly every single day. It makes me think of sweaters I had when I was very small. The red and white pandas are such a pretty contrast against the soft rosy lavender and blue. This vintage strapless dress is pretty amazing. Its Ronnie Heller for Bergdorf Goodman. All the polka dots are very organic and asymetrical, like little amoebae. I roughed it all up a bit with my ancient Frye boots and a big black satchel. The end.

thrifted child's sweater, vintage dress, thrifted belt, vintage Frye boots, Nine West bag


  1. This sweater is so funny!!!
    I love it, it's great!!!!

  2. Thanks! I just about died when I found the tail end of an otherwise dismal trip to buffalo Exchange. I guess the childhood nostalgia gods knew just what I needed...