Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween...the Marchessa Luisa Casati

The theme this year is dead celebrities, bonus points if you come as how they died. While the Marchessa Casati's death was somewhat pedestrian (old age in obscure poverty), her life was anything but. In her art-deco heyday the heiress was the biggest celebrity there was, with a notorious penchant for unapolagetic decadence. She traveled the world, acquiring art, jewelery, and antiques, with which she filled her villas (yeah, that's villas, plural.), and pet cheetahs, which she loved to walk every evening, usually accompanied by gilded male servants. She also commissioned hundreds of works of art from the leading artistic figures of the day, all in her own image. Eccentric much?

I'll be topping off a simple black turtleneck/maxi skirt combo with a feather cape, long black gloves, matching pearl cuffs, and loads of faux jewels from Forever 21. A pale, pale face and seriously smoky eye, touseled tresses, and I'm living the dream.

The Marchessa Casati


  1. That painting is absolutely fantastic so expressive and completely captures the glossy black of her hat, dress and even her beautiful greyhound/whippet. Everything about the composition and colour is fantastic. I am so in awe of painters who are really expressive with portraits like that. I'm loving the work of abbey mcculloch at the moment I think she really gets across the personality of who she's painting. Wouldn't you just love to have that much money to have a portrait done?! Actually that photo of you and Charlie would make a great painting.....

  2. Thanks! Its got great composition and values, right?

    p.s. I luuuuurve that you commented on the art!