Thursday, October 14, 2010

The perfect jeans...

 Okay, so when I first saw the ad campaign for the new"Curve ID" collection from Levis I rolled my eyes, like the well conditioned consumer I am. Yeah, right. Jeans that actually fit real humans? Nah. Never gonna happen. I saw, I snorted, I moved on. Then I found myself searching for new jeans at Marshalls (I know, I know...I'm not supposed to be shopping...but these are jeans! Jeans don't count, do they? Isn't every girl in the world perpetually on the hunt for the perfect jeans, frantically whipping through racks of unflattering washes and ill-advised distressing treatments, spandex panels, and bedazzled back pockets slapped onto ever skinnier stretchier skimpier cuts until she thinks she might go mad if she sees another rhinestone embellished wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen? No? Well, I am. Deal with it.) when I came across the demi-curve 528s. And, um, I don't know what to say, but....they fit. Like, full on, dancing around in the dressing room like a total wierdo humming "At last" under my breath  FIT. Like, cute little dip down in the front, but full coverage in the rear, even when I'm bending down, and no dreaded back gap, so I don't have to wear a belt fit. Well placed pockets. Classic wash. Wildly flattering. I bought them. I lived in them for a week. I went back and got another pair. Hurrah! The end.

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