Monday, January 10, 2011

And Wes Anderson, of course!

Since  I can't do outfit posts right now (Still no camera, but I did find the manual, and am studying it so that when I do find the camera, I can take better pictures with the snazzy tripod I got for Christmas! And don't worry, I'm still dressing like a champ! Actually I'm in my bathrobe right now. But I will be dressed like a champ as soon as I finish typing, promise.), I've chosen to focus on the positive and fill this space with a post on what inspires me most as I contemplate feathering my little nest. Or, rather, ruffling and rearranging my feathers. Truth be told, I've owned enough things to furnish an entire house since high school, I just never had a house to furnish them with. Now is their moment to shine! My tastes in home decor, as in fashion, are pretty eclectic, but there are certain visual threads that form a narrative.

1) I love me a lacquered end table or a gilded screen and I'll show you a grin the size of Texas.
2) Sheepskin is so tactile, and adds the perfect clean, modern, slightly rustic pop to a floor or a chair. I have loads of them from Ikea.
3) Blue and white is my favorite color combination. It always looks classic, but fresh.
4) Color. Color, color, and more color. The more saturated the better. Although, I love pale whispery pink walls. Ever since Domino Magazine (RIP) did an " If this movie was a room" feature on The Royal Tenenbaums (see below), I've been obsessed.
5) My Grandma is my ultimate style icon. She was unafraid to mix up midcentury modern and classic antique pieces in her home long before it was considered chic, and it looked wonderful. My mother took that century-spanning, well traveled aesthetic one step further, adding a sense of eclectic magical realism that enchanted my childhood. Since many of the pieces I'll be working with are inherited from the family, I'm hoping it won't be too hard to capture that feeling in my own rooms!

I want my home to feel light and airy, but also exquisitely lush and cozy. Clean lines, minimal clutter, and lots of texture and pattern to keep things interesting. I am enchanted by the idea of devoting one wall of my living room to framed art, and letting the other walls be empty, or limited to one amazing piece. 

images from the Domino archives, Design Sponge, Coco+ Kelly, and Atlantis Home.


  1. rose, i have said it before and i will say it again: you have exquisite taste. i LOVE everything in all of those pictures. i've never had a space of my own to decorate, blank slate, before (childhood bedroom has a charming paint job done by my mother, and college dorm room doesn't count because you can't paint and they give you all the furniture) and i would love to be able to decorate any space to look like this.

    come decorate my new apartment? we can go to thrift stores and i will feed you peppermint tea. i promise.

  2. I can't wait to see what you do with your house! And, of course see outfit posts again. My house is under constant remodeling and endless clutter. Toys. Papers. Toys.

    Jen Hemming and Hawing Again

  3. I look forward to pics of the ultimate arrangement of things once you are squared away and the camera unearths itself. Our guest room is blue and white...for the very reasons you describe here.

  4. It's making me sad that you can't find your camera:( Boo. The decorating eye candy does help. Oh what I wouldn't do for that big bathroom mirror! My bathroom is done in the best 1969 had to offer. Rather than fight it, I worked it. The 10" mirror squares with gold marbling running through them is a bit much when rushing in the morning.

    Then it's off to the hubby's bathroom!

  5. My uncle has those very mirror squares in his bathroom! I'm actually very very jealous. My inner narcissist pines for such gilded glory.