Saturday, January 29, 2011

In the Navy...

Friends, I would like you to meet my sailor pants. Sailor pants, friends. I just know you guys are gonna hit it off.

Ever since concepts like style and design entered my brain, I've loved the look of vintage sailor pants. I think its fairly safe to say Gwen Stefani played a major role in this little obsession (and soooo many others), but I also remember flipping through books of WWII era photography from the library and just swooning over the photos of sailors in the south China seas rocking their button-up bellbottoms, rolled up with deck shoes and wife-beaters, salt-stained caps set rakishly at an angle. I'm sure for them it was just work clothes, but to me it was the epitome of style. I wanted what they were having.

Now, let's get real here. I'm little, ok? 5'0" and 110, to be exact. So, while vintage sailor pants are actually pretty easy to find, the odds of scoring a pair that would fit me even with alteration were slim indeed. Until.
One day, a few years ago, I dropped into Buffalo Exchange to kill a little time (Yes. I shop to kill time. This is the secret to my success.), and there they were, on the end of the rack. I said a little prayer, and hurled myself into the nearest dressing room. And they fit. Actually, they are the only pair of pants I have never had to have hemmed. Every winter, I bust them out, and they keep me oh-so-warm and stylish.

Dearest tiny tiny sailor, I don't know who you are, or how you even got your scrawny misfit self into the Navy, but I love you. So much.

This was really hard to do in cone heels. Which is why my face looks so...special.

Vintage wool sailor pants, thrifted, $8
Vintage Chloe blouse, thrifted, $10
Ann Taylor shoes, thrifted, $10
Velvet ribbon, Michael's, $2/yd

Apologies for the twilight (And my nekkid little toes! Scandalous!)...I lost track of time and we literally took these photos five minutes before sunset! The last few photos I snapped in my blindingly white bathroom (which I will show you in all its glory soon...)...Now I'm off to see my friend Natalie's band Fever perform tonight at Plan B. They are wickedly, wickedly good.

And don't forget to enter my first ever giveaway, at least if you want a custom watercolor portrait of yourself by yours truly. Oh, you know you do!


  1. May I first take a moment to fangirl over your eye makeup and your eyebrows? Yeah, your eyebrows. I like a good, strong brow. OK I'm just digging myself into a deeper, weirder hole. Don't get me wrong, the sailor pants are a genuine find, but it's one thing to wear it, and another to rock it with style. :D

    Toast with Charmalade

  2. I had no idea you were so teeny! So you are telling us that you are wearing authentic navy pants? That look fantastic, but I am shocked that there is/was sailor that size out there!

    The Auspicious Life

  3. okay first of all, you are proving to be my favorite person ever, the sailor pants?!

    be still my heart. see, i have the opposite problem, i'm a tall glass of water and i still can't find a pair of scrawny sailor pants!

    one day. one day.
    and i love love your hair and eye makeup. it's too perfect. :)

  4. Well little sister, you know style is not my thing. I fit into the tomboy catagory, but I have to say, you are one hip girl and you are looking absolutely fabulous!

  5. I thought you had painted the bathroom pink.

    The sailor britches were a fantastic find. I love all the button detail. Hard to imagine that they wore this wool year round.

  6. 1. Your pants are THE HOTNESS. Also, I found my sailor pants at Buffalo Exchange as well! Twinsies? I lurve them. They're a bit too big on me but it's all good.
    2. I was JUST thinking about buying some velvet ribbon to make a pretty bow tie with.
    3. This outfit rocks.
    4. I have been trying for days to post a comment but my "OpenID credentials could not be verified." BOO.

  7. You look FABULOUS! This outfit has inspiration written all over it. And I want every piece of this outfit. Gimme!!

  8. Those pants are fabulous!

    And where the heck are you shopping that you often see vintage sailor pants? I haven't ever come across a single pair! JEALOUS.

  9. why yes, yes you did. just when i thought you couldn't get more fabulous, you busted out the fur. i shoulda known :)

    are you doing the 30 for 30? i'm not and now i feel like a bum because everyone else is! wahhh.

  10. See...

    I am 5'9" and have the exact. OPPOSITE. problem.

    I figured it was all the eentsie weentsie gals like you that actually fit into these tiny inseamed trousers. Lo and behold, you suffer, too. And misery loves company so....

    But I am very happy for you, seeing as these are the best sailor pants I have ever seen in my entire life.

    Could I bribe you with all of my short pants to win the giveaway???

    I am so greedy.

    Haiku Ambulance

  11. OMG, tiny sailor indeed! I'm pretty sure you're way cuter, and the bows on your shoes... The tiniest touch of adorable!

  12. I love sailor inspired anything, this outfit looks perfect on you including the fur throw! Classic!

    ps. I'm really jealous of all the prices featured in this look! Especially that Vintage Chloe blouse! ;)

  13. I own a pair that I LOVE too! I'm trying to copy them in a light blue denim right now, but it ain't easy.
    The original pair is increadibly flattering, the warmest, most comfortable pants possible to find (perfect in winter) and the wide legs just makes you feel very, very cool. Perfect.
    Tall ladies: I'm not tall but my pants were VERY short: I lengthened them with a black wool that is similar in weight to the original. It was very easy and it's almost invisible even though the pants are actually a very deep blue. If you do notice it looks like it's a detail, not bad at all. I do recommend you to try that (it's worth it).
    I think it's really cool that there is only one side-seam, along the inner thigh. It's amazing that the fit is still so perfect. And there are no darts or anything in my pair (nor any lace up in the back as I've seen on other pairs).
    Congratulations to both of us for owning a pair!