Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Ranty pants

Baaaaah! Humbug! I miss my camera!

Yep. Still missing. I have wracked my little brain, trying to figure out where it could have wandered off to between now and Christmas night, which was the last time I uploaded photos. The cable is still right there on my bedside table (Yes, I blog in bed. I do as many things as possible in bed. Bed is a wonderful place.). I know I haven't taken any pictures since then, as I have either been too sick or too busy...So what gives?!

Its just as well... I won't pretend I haven't been wearing the same flannel, jeans, duffel coat, and boots all week. If I was photographing my clothes you would be disappointed, and maybe a little grossed out. Pffft, its cold, kittens! And I'm sartorially lazy! But there is hope...

I made some lovely finds at Goodwill today...the Tucker for Target blouse in cream (If you don't already know this, Target sends most of their past season items to Goodwill. This particular blouse had sold out in my size at Target almost immediately, but I found it for $5 at Goodwill! There were several other items from the Tucker collection, all priced under $10.), a vintage cheongsam in gorgeous midnight blue brocade with chartreuse piping, and an absolutely perfect DB suit, made in Italy, in navy blue lightweight wool with gold buttons. The tailoring is just breathtakingly polished, and it strikes the ideal balance between masculine and feminine. I actually wish the museum was open right now, just so I could wear it! Rowr!

In other news, my lovely friend Joia came over yesterday night and helped me tackle the mountain of chaos that is my studio room. There is still a ways to go, but things seem ever so much more manageable by the light of day! The studio is the one room in the house I don't want to paint or change in any way (It is a heavenly deep blue with white trim, and a sea blue crisp and restful.), but since it will be serving as my art/sewing studio, home office, AND extended closet, it is going to take a lot more energy than all the other rooms in terms of organization and functionality.

And now, since I can't give you any current pictures, here is a random photo for your enjoyment. These are my best friends. They're going to kill me for this, so drink it all in. Cheers!


  1. That sounds like quite a Goodwill haul. Have you looked under the bed for that camera?

  2. Yes! That's the first thing my mom said, too. No dice. But I did find my other blue sock. So, there's that.

  3. your comment on my blog tonight made me laugh!! you are too funny with your dreadlock comment.. hah hah. YEs lots of people like that around downtown here since the weather is fairly warm!! LOL...

    whats up with your camera? I hope you find it.. thats not a good thing to misplace when you are a FASION blogger... egads!! but try not to think about it and VOILA, it will show up!!!

    back to proposal writing for me...

  4. I'm sorry about your camera. But I am very excited to see you in all of these new goodwill finds.

    And thank you for sharing about the wedges. That doesn't sound like the funnest of stories.

    Wishing you the best,

    H. Ambulance

  5. I lost my water bottle. It's really not the same at all. Boo:( It's "somewhere"! I hope you find it soon. We're gonna start missing the pix soon, though I encourage you to make up fantastic outfits in it's absence. It wouldn't really be a stretch, ya know.

    You do always have great outfits!

  6. I lost my iPod in the exact same way. I have a hunch that it is in my husbands music closet, but the thought of dragging out his Sitar, amplifiers and ten guitars is just too much.

  7. I'm eternally organizing my house so I feel you. We have a tv/guest/my extended closet room that is in a constant state of disarray.

  8. You will find the camera. I believe it, it will come. Totally fired for posting that photo! -ash

  9. Whoa, thanks for the Target/Goodwill tip! I had no idea! I've been hounding the Salvation Army but I'm getting myself over to GW next week..

  10. i did not know that about target/goodwill, but it totally makes sense because i see those items all the time! awesome.