Thursday, April 7, 2011

Don't panic.

That is my little mantra for the week. I keep whispering it under my breath in a steady stream as I go about my errands and contemplate all I must accomplish in my office hours. Dontpanicdontpanicdontpanicdontpanic...Strangers in grocery stores have begun to look at me sideways. The Starbucks guy asked if I would rather have decaf.

I said I'd post Shop Well Curated by Tuesday, but here it is Thursday, and I haven't even photographed everything. Oof. I had obviously completely failed to take into account the staggering to-do list I would have this week as I prepare for the museum's largest event of the year. Literally, staggering. This morning I accepted a shipment of three wool quilts and an 1880s Pendleton wool blanket (Its amazing you guys. Pretty sure it deserves its own posting. Hell, it may get its own blog!), and you should have seen me stumbling about under the weight of the gigantic slippery bag o' woolens as I tried to navigate my way to the storage area. I couldn't see over the armful of bag, so I was hoping to access a deeper form of intuition, or maybe latent bat sonar or something. It didn't work. Instead I stubbed a toe, knocked a painting off the wall, and scuffed my Faryl Robins. Speaking of, if you are a 9 or a 10, check out Sea of Shoes/Atlantis Drygoods shoe sale! This mother-daughter team collects the most gorgeous designer shoes, and they are cleaning out their closet RIGHT NOW. I wish I had bigger feet. For real.

In a nutshell, Shop Well Curated will have to wait until the weekend. Now, where did I leave my towel?


  1. You know, I love The Guide, but I have to say, Doctor Who has more style.

    Also, that's not a smallpox Pendleton blanket, right? Don't panic. Smallpox probably only has a blanket-life of about 42 years.

  2. you just won me over with the hg2tg reference. arthur dent and ford prefect are my humor inspirations. you my dear, are my style inspiration. sending a virtual towel and hug your way, dear! xo

  3. I think we should all concentrate really hard and see if we can get time to slow down just a wee bit. Or better yet, let's get some old-fashioned sponsors. I'm thinking like Coco Chanel had, something glamorous. Oh, enough dreaming. We're all in the same boat, darling Rose.

    If you start developing an eye twitch, we'll switch you to decaf!
    xo, f
    The House in the Clouds