Friday, April 22, 2011

Snap out of it!

I won't lie, the last week and a half was not exactly cupcakes and kittens. Swamped in tricky workplace politics and wallowing in deadlines, I can't seem to pull myself out of a serious bout of ennui. Car troubles and family emergencies only compound the desire to curl up and hide. Last year's enthusiasm and kick-assery seem to have been replaced by a feeling more akin to Atreyu moping about in the swamp of sadness after losing Artax (Watch this clip without tearing up. I DARE you.). Alright, that's perhaps a tad melodramatic, but you get the picture. Its been bleak. Even the last few days of sunshine haven't done much more than make me feel resentful that I can't get out and enjoy them.

I woke up this morning determined to break out of this negativity. Fact: there is nothing cheerier than a pimento red skirt and a teal blouse. This is science, kids. I've got the proof right here. Bonus points for a secretary bow. Throw in a little (or a lot of) animal print, and you're unstoppable. Neutral heels and a classic bag keep it work friendly. Hair touseled by walking all over town putting up posters for the quilt show, smudgy nude lips from untold cups of black tea, and rosy cheeks from working in the garden (In the sun! Yes!) keep it grounded. And what do you know? A little color brightened my day.

My two year hunt for a vintage Dooney and Bourke all weather leather bag is at long last over. I found this perfectly proportioned creamy little goes-with-everything satchel at Value Village last week. Even better? It's been completely re-lined, so even though its exterior is gently worn vintage, the interior is pristine. Which is probably why it cost much less than the others on display. Ka-ching!

Leopard trench, Buffalo Exchange, $10
Vintage secretary blouse, thrifted, ?
Vintage wool skirt, thrifted, $7
Franco Sarto nude heels, TJ Maxx, $34
Vintage D&B bag, thrifted, $14

In other news, these photos were taken just before sunset, at 7:30 pm. The sun sets a little later every day, the drive-in theater in my home town is officially open for the season, and the hot dog guy is pushing his little aluminum cart up and down main street again. Spring is upon us, and I sometimes feel like I'm living inside an episode of Gilmore Girls.


  1. Beautiful color combination and one I'm probably going to copy. I'm just telling you now.

    Sorry about the work place politics - that's the worst - all the other yuck. But, surely this outfit has to make you feel better - I know it made me very happy!

  2. I've definitely been on a Gilmore Girls kick lately! I miss our little town and YOU!

  3. Man, I wish I had a drive in movie near me!!!! You must do a photo shoot there :) Loving the red skirt and great vintage thrift find in the D&B bag!!

  4. My week totally blew too, but I feel cheerier just looking at this adorable outfit. I have been craving a red skirt for such a long time. This one is perfect!

  5. Oh, I wish we had a hot dog cart in our little town. The light in these photographs is truly beautiful. I am impressed by the bold pairing of the teal with the red.

  6. girl, you are talking about my dream here! to live in a gilmore girls episode?! yuh huh. i'm still waiting for hot men to hit on me while i'm reading books under trees and on couches, but it will happen. by gosh, it will happen.

  7. Loooove your style!
    Your blog is so cool! Following! Follow back? <3

  8. You look amazing despite the bad things going on in your week! Love this look.

    And remember what Scarlett O'Hara would say: tomorrow IS another day ;)

    Virginie’s Cinema

  9. Bright colors make my day better, too :-) Love that bag, too!

  10. I'm waiting for your next post. I love reading your blog because its different than all the other ones out there. You have a unique voice & unique style that I admire. So, snap out of it!