Saturday, May 14, 2011

IT LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVES!!!!! Well, sort of. Mostly.

Hi guys. Whew. What a month. We opened our May Quilt and Button Show, which is traditionally our most well attended exhibit, and, well, lets just say this year looks like a possible record breaker. Yay! and also, YIKES. We've been swamped. Or I should say, I've been swamped! In the chaotic weeks of research and documentation leading up to the show (Each quilt is meticulously researched, then its "story" is printed up and compiled into a packet for visitors [some of whom are world renowned quilt historians, so I gotta get it right!]...a process more grueling than any research paper I've ever done.), my computer got infected with a lovely little virus, as did I. While mine is plain old laryngitis, easily remedied with plenty of rest, hot water, and honey, my poor little Mac hasn't fared so well. Technically its operational, though noticeably sluggish and unable to interface with its friend the printer. Also, the random and sudden pop-ups of gay porn are a fun new feature. Whee. Oh, look. Here comes some now. Blerg.

Learning how to guide a tour without speaking during our busiest season has also been a treat. I am suddenly very grateful for all our brochures and handouts! We opened the show with a tea on Mother's Day weekend, and that was genuinely very fun, and a raging success. The potential for logistical chaos is high, but an amazing troupe of volunteers made it run like a well-oiled machine. The day after Mother's Day, we celebrated my wonderful grandmother's 94th birthday, with leftover tea cookies (A.MA.ZING. My mom makes them. All kinds. Gingerbread with orange cream cheese filling, almond-sesame shortbread, Mexican chocolate shortbread with cayenne icing, little jam tarts...all teeny tiny!), and chocolate cake, at gram's request. It was lovely. 94. Ninety-four, you guys! The week since has been filled with long naps and episodes of The Borgias and lots and lots of delicious miso soup, which lovely boyfriend taught me to make, with tons of tofu and wakame. What they say is true; Once you go Japanese, you don't go back. As of yesterday I am just starting to get my voice again, and with it my bloggy voice too. I would apologize for the absence, but really, sometimes you just have to go focus on life. I had about a bajillion cool outfits I wanted to blog, and funny stories to share, but every single night I'm afraid sleep and/or melodramatic historical television programming won out. Speaking of....

{Break for more quality man on man action}

I think the last time I updated the blog was just before Easter. Boyfriend and I went to a beautiful, if slightly bewildering, High Anglican service at St Mark's Episcopal in Northwest. I'm not a very churchy person, but when I do go, I like to do it up right; Gravitas and gilding and incense and altar boys. My mom and I made this very extravagant hat, with which I topped off an entirely pale pink ensemble. Even my raincoat was pink. Word amongst the altar boys was that it was a smash hit. I am not kidding. Apparently altar boys have a keen appreciation for good hats. In less spiritually uplifting news, I later realized that the gigantic T.J. Maxx price stickers were still firmly affixed to the soles of my nude pumps, so when I went up for communion.....aaaawww, yeah. Class act over here, kids.

Anyhoo, it seems I've been in a pastel rut ever since, as illustrated by today's costume! Something about all the dreamy soft colors of spring, the cool grey skies, rosy tinged lilacs, creamy apple blossoms, tiny blue forget-me-nots, and the palest of pale green grape leaves, purple edged and frosted with baby fuzz...its gotten into my head. The unspeakably soft mohair cardi I'm wearing is one of my all time favorite things. I actually bought it long ago, during an intense all black punk rocker phase (Yep. That happened.). Clearly, it spoke to me, stylistic hiccups notwithstanding.

Emerson Made jeans; Old Navy blouse, thrifted; Anthropologie cardigan, thrifted; Belt, Target; Jessica Simpson shoes, Nordstrom; Faux alligator clutch, thrifted; Self made necklace; pearl bracelet, gift from mom.

{Aaaaaand.....more porn. yay.}

In closing, I missed you guys. Thanks for hanging in there. With my busiest weeks out of the way, and my well being on the mend, I'm looking forward to a springtime renaissance of blogginess!


  1. Miso recipe, please. (and I hope your housewarming party is a success)

  2. 4 cups water, 2 T dashi (tuna and kelp boullion), bring to a boil, reduce to low simmer and add 3 T red miso, stir until dissolved. Add 1 block firm tofu, cut into pieces, and a handful of dried wakame (seaweed). Simmer 5 min, or until wakame is fully hydrated. Add 2 finely chopped green onions. Top with a handful of sesame seeds. Yum!

  3. What a great look for you! Love the green print especially. You are a classy, colorful, modest inspiration!

  4. I'm glad to see you back again & glad that your exhibit went off so well. What you say is very true, real life is the most important thing, but I do like reading your blog when you have the time/sanity for it. Btw, I love the pattern of that shirt & the square buttons are very cute.

  5. Oh, I loved this post. I mean, I'm sorry you've been so sick and that your computer is suffering from a gay porn invasion, but it was so lovely to hear from you. I'm glad you're feeling better and you look smashing.

  6. Hehe, your writing is so fun!
    Thank you so much for your comment! I love your outfit you are wearing here. The fluffy cardigan is adorable!! And good luck with the exhibition.

  7. Oh, the jeans! I want! WANNNNT.

  8. Just gorgeous! The jeans are fabulous, the sweater is fabulous! Just love all around!