Thursday, June 2, 2011

I can't live without...

An awesomely swanky umbrella! Seriously. I live in Oregon. And anyone who tries to tell me Oregonians are too cool for umbrellas had better be prepared for a truly massive eye-roll, and maybe a cattily arched eyebrow thrown in for good measure. Are you kidding me? We're pretty lucky here. We don't get murderous tornadoes or raging forest fires or anything terribly catastrophic (Except, apparently, a long overdue earthquake of unspeakable proportions. Joy.). We do, however, get lots and lots of torrential rain.

So, really, boys and girls, do yourselves a favor and invest in a rad umbrella. Even if you don't live in a rainy climate, an umbrella makes a great physical sunblock, and won't flop in your face like those oh-so-pretty-but-really-kind-of-stupid floppy brimmed hats. I'm a fan of the long skinny school of umbrella myself. I like to swagger around with it like a cane, and use it to poke things. Once I used the curved handle of my umbrella to catch a runaway dog by the collar. True story.

Here are a few I'm lusting after right now...

Instant happiness from MoMA

Seriously. Seriously. *swoon* Buy it here.

The Funbrella is specially designed for kids. Whatever.

Of course the coolest umbrella etailer ever is based in the UK...

The Brelli is semi-translucent, waterproof, windproof,
UV protective, and (wait for it...) biodegradable. Hello.

And if a shorty is more your style...

A Katana umbrella. Just in case. also carries them
with a pirate sword handle, a lightsaber handle, and brass knuckles.
Very Avengers, no?

A sturdy and well designed umbrella can be a godsend in an Oregon spring. Or winter. Or fall. Also, its a fun accessory! And who doesn't love even the flimsiest excuse to accessorize? Crazy people. That's who. 

And don't forget, you can always use your umbrella to poke things!


  1. Yes, yes, yes. I carry a rather mundane but happily polka-dotted umbrella and I love that thing. I'm thinking I might need the Brelli or the rainbow MoMA umbrella too though. It's always good to have one on reserve.

  2. Umbrellas when they "bloom" here always remind me of flowers! I especially like the second green one.

  3. I feel your pain! My umbrella is rather boring. I'm loving the black lacey looking one.

  4. An array of adorable umbrellas! Although we are in winter here in Australia, it has hardly rained at all, and my leopard print brolly hasn't even been used this year! But I think I definitely love the green one the best, such an interesting shape. A real accessory, and not just merely functional!

    Thanks for your comment btw. Everyone in Australia loves uggs boots, naturally, and everyone wears them, even though they don't always own up to it!

  5. I'd never bought anything other than the most basic of umbrellas from drugstores but I grabbed this one at my school book store recently since I had credit there:

    I'm excited to finally have something fun (but of course, have been caught in the rain without it multiple times since).

  6. I love your blog. This Umbrella are so amazing :)
    xoxo see you

  7. I think it's time I invest in one. I keep taking the ones that my job has and one good gust of wind, and it's down for the count!