Monday, April 4, 2011

Workin' on the weekend...

I like to keep things office casual on the weekends. Nothing too crazy, and I usually top it off with a snappy jacket, just to be safe. Wanna know a secret? A really good looking jacket cancels out a myriad of work wardrobe no-nos. I got this one at H&M. I'm typically underwhelmed by their quality, and this piece is no exception, but the fabric is good, and the cut is fantastic, so I made an exception. It didn't hurt that I got them to take $10 off because it had a missing button or two. Pssssssst! I am going to change the buttons anyway! Ahahahahahahaha!

Speaking of fast fashion, practically everything else I'm wearing came from F21. I placed a big ol' springtime order a couple weeks ago, and so far I have been really happy with everything I got! These jeans were meant to be cropped, but they fit me just right. I love the zippered ankles, and what you can't see here is that they are actually high waisted! The sweater is really lovely. The quality of the material is right up there with things I longingly fondle at Nordstrom and Anthro, and I love the woven embellishment and swingy silhouette. You can't see much of the little blouse underneath, because it is a tad chilly for chiffon, but fret not, I will be clubbing you over the eyeballs with it all summer, because it is the epitome of blue and white tribal print racerback asymmetrical ruffled perfection.

Jeans, F21, $24
Jacket, H&M, $30
Blouse, F21, $14
Sweater, F21, $30
Scarf, thrifted, $2
Irregular Choice shoes, Modcloth, $70
JPK clutch, TJ Maxx, $7

Since I've gotten some positive feedback on the "Shop Well Curated" idea, I'll be posting a few items on Tuesday. Keep yer eyes peeled!


  1. Ha, ha, sounds like something I would do...'um...there's a thread unraveling, can I get a discount?' Love the belted scarf!

  2. Excellent! I'm looking forward to see if I can take anything off you hands for you.

    BTW, Love that orange colour on you!

  3. You're right, that is a stellar jacket and I LOVE that you were just going to change the buttons anyway. Fabulous outfit, Miss!

  4. I would have never guessed all those items are from F21! I love how you put your personal twist on things. LOVE IT!

  5. YOU TEASE. how can you tell me about this perfect blue and white print blouse and then NOT SHOW ME?

    we're in a fashion fight. hmph.

  6. I love how you added the scarf. Cute outfit!

  7. I love belted scarves worn like this!! Looks great with your jacket also.

  8. Mmmm Hmmm...

    I have a very similar Blazer Manifesto.

    Not that you could tell by looking at my outfit almost daily, but...

    And this is GREAT! I had a white one too once but I dirtied it because that is what filthy people like me do. It was like a disposable blazer. Not cheap, but not reusable either. Not in my hands anyway. More like a diaper, really.

    And I'm sorry about the toe and the Faryls but I'm thrilled about the Pendelton and the ability to shop your closet. Wish I had big feet, too. And sometimes really small feet. Actually, if I could just buy any shoe in any size and have it always fit no matter what that would make me happiest of all.

    Ahhh.... to dream...

    And this whole look is just great. I love the orange on you and I'm quite excited to see this racerback business.