Sunday, March 20, 2011

Porcelain and pleather

Its official. I am over the moon for blue and white. Was there ever such a crisp, fresh, cheerful, classy, restful, understated, luxurious color combination? No! Not ever! I have been not so subtly working it in to every single room in my new house. Whats really fun about working with blue and white is that you can play around with multiple shades of either color, and it just gets prettier. Also, it makes other colors POP! Look...

Bonus nerd points if you can find the Star Trek reference...
Individual teapots for black, green, oolong, and herbal! Fancy! 
This is one of my favorite things.  Its a very early piece of Blue Willow porcelain. My mother hid feathers she found in the garden inside it.

I had high hopes when I ordered this snappy little clutch from Forever 21, and I am not disappointed! The white stripes are patent leather, and the blue is such a deep pretty hyacinth shade. I love the graphic punch it adds to an otherwise very conservative work outfit. Pardon my wrinkles, it was a long, rumply sort of day.

Today I am wearing real eyeshadow! Yikes! You guys, I am NOT an eyeshadow girl. I like to play it nice and safe with a classic cat eye, and sometimes on a weekend I'll smudge a little Benefit R.S.V.P. around, slap on some mascara, and call it good, but I just could not say no to this crisp, saturated turquoise! Its so 60s ladies-who-lunch, especially with a retro updo. I have to admit, I feel pretty awesome about the whole thing...What do you think? 

Banana Republic blouse, thrifted, $4
DKNY wool pencil skirt, thrifted, $4
Liz Claiborne linen jacket, Ross, $12
Franco Sarto nude pumps, TJMaxx, $34
Chevron clutch, F21, $12
Antique milk glass necklace, Ladybird's General Store, $40
Knuckle ring, F21, $8

In other news, bare legs! Wheeeeee! In case you were wondering, that was not a gosh-this-is-so-fun kind of wheeeeee, but rather, a gosh-what-was-I-thinking-this-is-unpleasantly-brisk kind of wheeeeee. Newsflash. All visual evidence to the contrary, it is not actually spring yet. Go put some pants on. Geez.


  1. I love blue and white too. That's how we've done up our guest room. I dress it up and down, sometimes with hints of yellow.

    You are looking very classy.

  2. Hahahaha OMG YES you have a Tribble next to your bed and your cat is suspiciously eying it-- and rightly so. Those things multiply like the dickens. But seriously, I laughed out loud (lolled, if you will) when I saw the Tribble. :D

    And you're the queen of clutches, you are. I LOVE that graphic element, that punch of bright color that purse lends to your outfit. And the make-up: gawwwwwgeous. It's gawgeous. I'm also a fan of the nail color-- I love a light seafoam green (I'm sporting a similar hue myself!).

    Toast with Charmalade

  3. Well, Charmalade already mentioned it in her comment, but I did notice the Tribble before seeing that. :)

    You look beautiful.

  4. I pretty much love everything about this outfit. The patterned blazer goes perfectly with your collared shirt. Adore! And I also have an affinity for blue and white. I collect pottery pieces in this color scheme and they are scattered throughout my house.

  5. What a classic look! Even your makeup is classic. I love the colors on your eyes. That clutch is really cute! I love the colors as well.

  6. I love this silhouette, and your clutch is such an unexpected addition, I love it!

  7. Wow I really love that eyeshadow. I am a big eyeshadow color mixer myself, but am not usually so daring as to do blue and green together! Awesome!

    My friend has a thing for blue and white too, and for her wedding collected tons of old porcelain vases like these for the tables. They looked awesome with yellow flowers...

  8. TRIBBLE!!

    Also, I love your clutch. As you know, I'm a fan of blue and white graphic printed clutches and yours is fabulous. I think this outfit is great - I especially like the necklace with the buttoned up button up.

  9. love love love everything about this! you look lie an extra from mad men, or an awesomely dressed sassy librarian. and that clutch might have made me drool a bit.

  10. Marvelous look! Really love that jacket!!

  11. I love this outfit! The colors are great and that jacket is gorgeous!