Sunday, March 20, 2011

Restructure, Part Deux

What? Where are you? What is happening? Cats and kittens, do not attempt to adjust your screens. This is real. Not only have I given my blog a much overdue makeover ( feedback please!), I've also changed the blog name. I realize this is a somewhat unorthodox move, but while doing a little search optimization test drive for the new museum website I discovered that in some web browsers, when you googled Lovely Ladypants McGee, it resulted in...Hmm...Shall we say, questionable content.

And let's face it, the content of this blog is questionable enough already, eh what? Besides, I really like this name. Its a punny play on what I do, and I like to think of my life as being well curated....though anyone who's ever seen my laundry room will want to wisely keep their mouth shut.

So. It's still me. And I'm still blogging about my personal style, my dabblings in home decor, and my scintillating and glamourous life as a small museum curator* and girl about town.

Speaking of, snappy outfit post coming as soon as the rain stops long enough to take photos! We're supposed to get a big, gooey sun break right around 4:00, so, fingers crossed! I have lots of fun stuff to show you!

*I curate a small museum. But I'm also a small person. So take that as you will.


  1. Of the new look and name I approve; however, in my memory Lovely Ladypants McGee will ever linger, sung to the tune of "Lovely Rita, Meter Maid."

    As always, looking forward to further edifying and amusing posts.

  2. I like the new blog name; it's closer to your URL and I can see how it correlates with what you do more. Not so sure about the header, however, because it's oddly square and leaves a lot of dead space to the right. I'd suggest a header that's more horizontal (if you'd like, I can help out there since I'm a design student, but it's your blog! so your choice) and is the same/similar width of the blog below.

    Can't wait for the new stuffs on the way!

    Toast with Charmalade

  3. I love it. I think it's beautiful and smart, much like yourself.

    Also, hilarious that you're a small museum curator and a small museum curator. I don't know why, but that totally made my giant self laugh.

  4. Probably a good move if Google was bringing up curious results. Reminded me of a day I took a class of college freshmen to the library for work on an argument paper. One student typed in "spanking" and the quiet little library came to life!

  5. I think the blog name is great! I was a little confused when I clicked on your blog and it had a different name, but this new one is very cute and appropriate. On reflection, it also works with the blog url.

  6. I got confused, so I searched for explanation. Aha! I like it. I now must change your blog title on my sidebar. I guess I just gave myself away that I'm behind on reading blogs. I just finalized realized that I have a day job. Oh, and children and a hubby!

    I like the comment on Lovely Rita, Metermaid. Now I can ask the question: Any relation to Spongebob Squarepants? Is this a ploy to hide your identity? :D
    Jen Hemming and Hawing Again

  7. Spongebob is my third cousin once removed. He used to come over and splash around in my kiddie pool. We don't talk now though. He's actually kind of a jerk.

    My identity is...woefully unhidden. I think if you like this blog on facebook it links you right to my personal profile! Miss Pamela is actually a real world acquaintance, and one cool lady..I long for her to develop her own blog, so I can rummage around in her brain instead of my own every now and then!