Sunday, March 13, 2011

Still down for the count...

Man. This whole zombie flu thing. It does not kid around. I strongly advise you to avoid kissing any charming men who show deceptively mild cold-like symptoms. Nooooot that that is how this happened. *Ahem.*

Moving on, since I am FAR from photogenic, I thought I'd address something I was struck by in my last post...Namely, the question of value. For instance, the Helmut Lang dress I'm wearing in my last post, and also here, was, until I caved in and bought the Emerson Made bluebells, the most expensive item of clothing in my wardrobe. And is still one of the most valued; most of the time I value it so much I am hesitant to wear it (I know, I know, that's just SILLY.). Whereas, since buying those jeans, I've worn them, oh, about a bajillion times. There are other items in my wardrobe I get just as much wear and pleasure out of, that cost much, much less. But I must admit that I tend to favor items in which I have invested a chunk of change.

The question then becomes; Do I value these items so highly because of their high price tag, or because they are so integral to my aesthetic that I was able to justify paying the high price to have them in my wardrobe?

Poof. That makes my poor little shrunken head hurt. How about you? What items in your wardrobe do you value most?

And, just so this post isn't a total exercise in futility, here's a really rad picture of a hairless cat in a shark sweater.

You are welcome. I bet hairless cats are one of the only animals that have to think about clothing as much as we do. And.....clearly, it is now time for my feeble brain to sleep. Sweet non-creepy hairless cat shark dreams to you all.


  1. Actually, the most essential and reworn item in my wardrobe is a pair of tuxedo trousers. And they were thrifted to start with. I don't buy new so I guess I can't honestly compare.

  2. I've been sick for 2 1/2 weeks. I feel your pain!

  3. The cat is too cute and love your first paragraph...hehehe. I'm just getting over a cold that I've had for like TWO WEEKS! It's just holding on!

  4. hahhha awesome i love it!

    <3 steffy

  5. Aww. I hope you feel better - and I will refrain from kissing boys until I'm sure this epidemic has passed.

    I love the picture of the shark-sweater-wearing cat - it's hilarious. And awesome. I housesat a hairless weiner dog once - he had sweaters too.

    The most essential item in my wardrobe is my pair of Born Crown riding boots. I value them not because they were expensive (although they were) but because I've convinced myself they go with everything and I wear them at least three days a week.

    Ordinarily, however, I try not to buy big ticket items unless I am going to wear/use them almost constantly because I feel horrible if my cost per wear/use is very high.


  6. Baby girl, I'm so sad you're sick! I was M.I.A. for a couple weeks while trying to hold on to any semblance of sanity in the hills, I've got some catching up to do.

    Re. the concept of value, I've had the same questions floating around in my head. But I know for a fact that I've fallen equally madly in love with Old Navy jeans and my J Brand cargos. I don't discount the emotional and psychological build up to purchasing and owning something expensive and while expensive doesn't guarantee quality I would never spend a chunk of fat change on something that wasn't exquisite in quality.

    Wait, now my brain hurts. Must. Get. Coffee.

    And now, a word to your flu: Zombie flu, be gone. I command you!

    The House in the Clouds

  7. What a question! I think it is really item-dependent. Jeans are something that most people recognize to be hard wearing, so perhaps this is why you are more inclined to wear them? Similarly, that dress is so lovely with the detailing and whatnot, so you want those details to last and you don't wear it as often. Regardless, it is a fantastic dress!