Friday, March 11, 2011

Zombie flu.

Excuse (again) my protracted absence. I have fallen prey to the zombie flu. Seriously. That is what it is called. For two days I couldn't eat or get out of bed, let alone think. But today I have homemade chicken soup, freshly laundered sheets, and a bag of tangerines. So I'm gonna be ok.

24 hours before I fell ill (Monday), I got  to take a peek at the Amy Sacks Eyewear collection. Their showroom is in Portland, but they do direct sales, which keeps overhead low and allows them to focus on quality materials. I'll be frank, I always think that kind of marketing talk is just so much mumbo-jumbo. But then I saw the frames. In a word, yum. The lines are very classic, but the colors are fresh and flattering, and there really is something for every face shape. They are working to develop a sustainable line made from bamboo and recycled plastics, and, wait for it....all profits go toward the Pixie Project, which I can say first hand is a worthwhile cause. I'm not in the market for a new pair of specs just yet, but when I am, I think I'll be donning these. Tres geeky, no?

Helmut Lang dress, Ladybird's General Store, $120
Sweater, Target, $17
Scarf, thrifted, $2
Belt, thrifted, $2
Coral necklace, thrifted, $20
Silver bangle, Target, $8
Ring, F21, $8
Tights, ??
Nine West shoes, thrifted, $14
Vintage mohair coat, thrifted, $10

Ok, that's about all the coherent thought I can muster for right now. I'm off to drown my sniffles in Theraflu and Hulu. Keep warm and well, little bloggy friends.


  1. Perhaps wearing orange as well as eating them will kick the zombie flu. Love this look.

  2. Sorry to hear that you're sick. :(

    I LOVE the glasses! I can't wait to get some new frames as well. Oh and orange looks really good on you!

  3. Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous.

    Except for the sick part. Be well!

    But back to the fabulous for a moment:
    that is truly a scrumptious outfit in every detail.
    & thanks for the frames tip, as well--I'm in the market myself.

  4. You look gorgeous, so I'm going to say you recovered very nicely. Seriously, I'm loving this outfit - you look fantastic in orange.

    I'm loving those cream frames on you too.

    I hope you feel better!


  5. Ouch. Zombie flu, eh? That's rough. Take care of yourself, lady.

  6. Ooo! That coat is tres chic.

  7. You look lovely. I never would have guessed you were fighting zombies. The fiery accents in this outfit are great!

  8. you belt scarves like a pro :)