Thursday, July 8, 2010

Dream on...

When I took my current job, part of my salary was a house. Amazing, right? To compound my wonderment, the house in question is a tiny 1800s all-American fairy tale cottage; a one story, two bedroom (one serves as my studio, at least in theory), two porch, black and cream fully landscaped shangri-la. Ok, so the garden is a little "lush", and bristling with spiders, and the insulation is still horsehair and plaster, the closet space is non-existant, and the whole house needs fresh paint....but its still undeniably lovely. And its mine. While a full overhaul is financially out of the question, I can at least dream of the things I want to fill it with!

To start things off with a bang, a couple of genius reworked Victorian plates. Chewie, of course.......And Gizmo! What better way to temper taste and refinement than with shameless nostalgia?

The most perfect little pet bed...I forget where this photo originated, but half the charm of this idea is that it would be an easy (and so worth it!) DIY. Vintage suitcase + claw feet + comfy graphic pillow = love.

From Anthropologie, a gorgeously graphic gold rimmed charger, and....
...A sweetly mod little cache pot.
The iconic British WWI morale poster...for the kitchen, I think!
An amazingly cool vintage print from the most delightfully random Etsy shop ever.
And last but not least, the Andrea rug from Ikea, which I have been stalking for years walking on clouds at sunset.
Pffft! I should just save up and buy it already!

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