Friday, July 9, 2010

This seems silly...

...As I'm pretty sure I haven't got any readers, but, just in case I do, there have been some rather significant changes to my blog.

  1. The name. Since part of my job as curator/publicist of a national historic site is building a website and blogging, and I'll be blogging as "the Curator" (whoo-hoo-hoo! Look who knows so much!), I decided to rename my personal blog something a little less pretentious and a little dorky?
  2. The intent. Originally this was going to be a photo-journal, and, while I still like the thought of documenting my life visually (outfit posts! Wheee!), turns out I suck at it. So, in the name of getting this pretty little zeppelin off the ground, I'm just going to post whatever I find interesting enough to keep my attention for the next thirty seconds.
  3. The format. I upgraded! Its super-pretty! Yay me!
  4. That's it.

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