Thursday, July 8, 2010

What I'm jonesing for right now...

Maybe its the sudden onset of summer (two days ago I was wearing my vintage wool sailor pants and schlepping a cardi, today its a sweltering 95 in the shade), or maybe its because a monochromatic palette is just so crisp and cool and restful.... Whatever the reason, I clearly need all of these things in my life this very moment, no?

Prada infusion d' light, crisp, and clean!
Ricardo Tisci's latest couture outing for Givenchy...lace, fringe, cutwork, and degrade, all in creamy monochrome.

Blackberry vanilla macarons!

This dreamy blush hued statement piece from Newport News (!) would be simply stunning with a sleek black dress.

Perfect little beaded moccasins, as worn by the ever charming Cherry Blossom Girl...And...oh! This chair! Domestic bliss personified. Redesigned by Bluegirl Art, found via Elements of Style.

P.S. Wouldn't those moccasins be killer with that dress?!

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