Friday, July 16, 2010

New love...

I'm a fickle woman, I know, but such is the nature of things. So what's perking up my pulse at this very moment?

These. I've been on the fence about these beauties for a long time. Don't ask me why. I mean, fabulously chunky five inch wooden platform heels with buttery leather t-straps? RIGHT UP MY ALLEY. Its almost like they're too good. I mean, I could get some highly effective stomping done in these, right? Heck, I might even come up to Boyfriend's chin! After seeing them in scrumptious Stevie-styled action, I'm sold ( I am very suggestible when peacock feathers come into play). 

Speaking of being suggestible....Blah blah blah Nefertiti, blah blah royal herbs, whatever.

This is amazing. It smells like real honey, right out of the skep; earthy, warm, waxy, tooth-achingly sweet, nose-ticklingly sharp, and indescribably clean. Oh, and its by Korres. For Target. They're going to start selling unicorns (hand crafted by blind nuns in the workshop of the re-animated Nicola Tesla) soon, I'm sure of it.

This is a summer staple. I'm not a sunny sort of person. Well, cheerful, yes, baked, no. I don't believe in fake tans or bronzers, either. In fact, if I was free to do whatever I wanted all the time I'd probably just hang out in caves and libraries and other dark, quiet places, getting paler and paler until I was nearly invisible and could sneak around and get away with all kinds of stuff. But humans are surface dwellers, and a little sunlight is good for the soul. In the event that you forgot to reapply your spf 100++ and pack a parasol, this dramatically improves recovery time from a sunburn (I did a test patch. Science!), and is so, so soothing. Plus, it smells like coffee and brown sugar and makes your skin all healthy and glowy. Done and done.

Its new backpack time! Not only are these military surplus options vastly more appealing on a purely aesthetic level, they also completely blow commercially marketed "sport" packs out of the water in terms of value, performance, and general radness.

The black Swiss Army alpine assault (!!) pack is completely waterproof (like, drop it in a river and your cornflakes will still be crispy waterproof) and holds three days of provisions, a tent, and a sleeping bag. The little green French Armee' one somehow manages to be convertible from backpack to duffel and include full lumbar support, a rubberized bottom, and a locking system, so thugs, terrorists, and very clever deer don't steal your favorite flannel. Needless to say, I don't often get very excited about the global military-industrial complex...but these are just genius. Now, to decide which one I want!

Octopus! Hand painted glass from Anthropologie. This little fella might just have to come home with me. Lately I'm really into the idea of having a collection of small, one of a kind little tumblers on hand for much more fun than boring old wine glasses, and much easier to remember which is yours!

Last but not least, this breezy little summer DIY by the classiest lass in the blogosphere just made my little heart skip a beat. Value Village, here I come! I'm thinking this would be dreamy x 10 in crazy Russian style technicolor florals, and maybe thread leather ribbons through the chains Chanel style? The other day I was rummaging through the scrap leather barrel (yes, such a thing exists! There is hope for humanity!) at Scrap and found yards of the palest buttercup yellow deerskin in 1/2" strips. I knew I should have nabbed them, but couldn't think of a use for them at the time. Silly girl. Always hoard. Always.

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