Friday, July 23, 2010

Geometric seduction..

I have a weakness for all things which find the root of their beauty in pure math.

Gowns by Atelier Versace (There was another, floor length with origami-like folds of silk organza, that was to die, but the model's pose was so dorky even I couldn't handle it!)
Petals from A Field Journal.

Embroidered gems by Maranon. Is it me, or is there just something so unequivocally cool about things that aren't things?

Like this ceramic dodecahedron. A naturally occurring crystalline form rendered by hand in clay. Geometry within geometry. Science!

And this. wooden clasps in place of metal. Malachite necklace by Vivre.

I can't remember where this came from. isn't it lovely though?

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