Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Blysianni, or Happy Heart Day!

Today's verification gem comes from the smashingly leggy Gracey, of Fashion for Giants (a serious contender for best blog name ever, am I right?). Not only is she an awesome foot taller than I am, she's an Oregon girl, too! Yay! Oregonians should have some sort of collective state nickname, don't you think? Oregonians is just plain boring. I'm talking something with a little pep. Something we can shout out in bars when the Ducks or the Beavers win, or when some girl from Oregon gets crowned Miss America. Hey, it happened once. I'm taking suggestions. Be nice. Nothing about meth labs or dampness or organic free range chickens, if you please.

So, you may have noticed in my last few posts that there was something living on my head that very closely resembled a baby Cthulhu. I'm glad you didn't say anything. It might have heard you, and then we all would have been doomed. Just kidding. That was my hair. I'm growing out my natural color, and it has gotten very big and very unruly. But! Last night I had something done about it, by a genius friend who KNOWS hair. Seriously, she felt my skull up, told me exactly where my silver was gonna come in (Is it weird that I'm super excited to have my grey hair back? Wheee!), and then razored my hair to give me more control, without sacrificing length, and camouflage that weird little flat place on the back of my head. So. Exciting. I could not be happier. And then we went to Shari's and reminisced about high school crushes and I ate food that is definitely not on my super-specialized holistic diet list of beneficial foods. Whoops! I'm making up for it by going out for sushi and miso soup and wakame salad and all kinds of Japanese goodness tonight, followed by the Valentine's Day Heavy Metal Lady's Night at East End, with my bfffffff (Sorry kids, this was supposed to post yesterday, but....my internet was down. Again. Dear Frontier Wireless, can we get on that? Anyway, we had a wickedly good time, as you can imagine!).

I decided that nothing says "saucy Valentine's Day getup" like leopard on leopard on leopard, with BOOTS. Can you believe, this serendipitously matchy-matchy trench and dress are by two different labels, and I found them on different thrifting expeditions? Ha!

Charles Grey trench coat, Buffalo Exchange, $10
Banana Republic dress, Buffalo Exchange, $18
Vintage leopard collar, thrifted, $20
OTK boots, buffalo Exchange, $45
Franco Sarto bag, thrifted, $14
Pearl bracelet, Valentine gift.
Antique amber heart, stolen from mom.


  1. Very cute outfit. I love your new hair cut too.

  2. Thanks for the shout-out, Rose! And I agree, 'Oregonians' just isn't working for me. There has to be something better... I shall ponder this.

    Your hair looks fantastic and the leopard-on-leopard makes me nothing but happy. I think my favorite part is the leopard collar - it's just perfect. And those boots are fierce!!

  3. i love this. times approx four jillion. you are literally the only person i know who could pull this off.

    notice i say "know" as if i know you in real life or something. i have decided that we are going to let that slide because it's awesome. okay okayyy.

  4. oh also! home decor friend!

    i need a duvet cover. boyf does not understand this. gem that he is, he cannot get over the idea that a duvet cover is "like, a bag...for a blanket?"

    i wanted this:

    boyf laughed hysterically and then said, "wait. were you serious?"

    i NEEEEED something fun and printed and queen-sized and reasonably priced that will go with my campbell's soup walls. do you know any places that sell such things?

    you da best.

  5. I think that I would die of happiness if I had that coat!

  6. You totally tricked me with your trench and dress! You look smashing!

    We could both be named Cascadians. Have you heard of something or another about combining Northern Cal, Oregon, Washington, and BC into a new country called Cascadia? Can you imagine? The things people concoct.

    Come check out my 30! Jen Hemming and Hawing Again

    PS My word verification was just madmicsb

  7. That trench is killing me. I freakin' love it!!!


  8. I can't believe those two didn't come together! Amazing finds. Love the trench!

  9. I like your outfit and the glasses are very funky and cute.

    Happy Valentines Day!


  10. I love your dress and the way you accessorized it. You look faaaaaabulous, darling!

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  11. Rosey-Rose, I, well, cheated a little and revealed facts about me by means of a Stylish Blogger Award... but since you had tagged me with a Versatile Blogger Award I'm acknowledging both and letting you know. Finally! xoxo!

  12. Ah, your smile is like the first flowers of spring. And what a sweet surprise it is too.
    Your dress is so pretty - and I adore the way you dressed it up. Have a glamorous weekend;-)

  13. This rocks, and I can't believe you found the dress and trench at two different times! They were twins separated at birth and you reunited them :)

  14. oh my god. please be my new best friend.
    iswearitwouldntjustbebecauseiwanttostealyourwholeoutfit. (andalsoforaheavymetalladiesnight?! holycrapsocool)

    i mean. wait, what?