Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Lightning strikes...

....and fish scales and velvet and pailettes and oversized brocade and black lace and velvet and mod silhouettes and appliqued blossoms and velvet and thigh high boots and velvet...did I mention the velvet? Funny how just last week I was bemoaning the over-use of velvet in NYFW, but here Alberta Feretti has bewitched me with the stuff. I seriously ( I am not even kidding, if I had a gazillion pretty dollars it would happen. ) want every single piece from her fall collection. All of it. She is one of the few modern designers who can walk the fine line between breathtakingly gorgeous and totally wearable. Check it out. 

Tiny little heart attacks all over the place. 
In more practical news, I am not posting outfits because, well, I've been wearing some variation on coveralls and a t-shirt all week. Such is the glamourous world of home renovation. But man oh man, is it coming together. We are supposed to have snow tomorrow, so I may take a break and frolic, in which case, I promise, the camera will come along! 



  1. The last two dresses are just amazing! x Sushi

  2. The velvet OTK's are insane! Love all the rich textures--they look so royal!

  3. i just might have cried a bit. just a little bit. wow, i didn't really think i liked velvet! but now i just want velvet rosettes on all of my clothing.

  4. I would wear every single one of those outfits, but sans the velvet OTK boots. I'm just not a fan of OTK boots, velvet or otherwise.

    I think my favorites are the red tunic/slim pants combo (because it's RED) and that last dress (because in my imagination I have cause and the money to wear something so glorious).

  5. Wow! I want the outfits and a place to wear them. I'd actually wear them around the house if I had them, I don't care. I swoon for those velvet boots.