Saturday, February 5, 2011


Yep, that was the "verification word" I got whilst commenting on another blog (Hello, Monkeyface, in case you were curious.). Given what I do, I thought it would make an excellently dorky post title. And then I realized that most verification words are excellently dorky, so I'm going to choose the best one I see every day and use it as my post title for at least a week. Or until I get bored of it. Because I can! I have a blog, you see.

Anyway, in only slightly more relevant news, my mom and I scout for each other all the time. We are both avid collectors of this, that, and the other thing, as well as discerning dressers and decorators, and while our individual tastes are often very different, we have an almost psychic radar for what the other might like. So if, say, I'm knocking around in Anthropologie and come across a dainty handpainted bird doorknob, or she's in our favorite little hometown proud antique mall by the library and sees a killer vintage leopard collar, we give each other the heads up. Its like having a personal shopper, only ten times better, because I get to shop for her, too! And any excuse for extra shopping is a good one.

Tulle duffel coat, TJ Maxx, $24
Vintage wool sailor pants, Buffalo exchange, $14
Max Studio silk blouse, Marshalls, $12
Vintage leopard collar, thrifted, $20
Farylrobin pumps (!!!), Buffalo Exchange, $38
Antique chainlink bracelet, stolen from mom.


  1. Woot woot for vintage leopard collar-- I can't say that I've ever seen one before, but I love how you mixed prints with it!

    Also, I was just wondering (in correspondence with one of your latest posts) if you'd be open to trading drawing commissions of each other. If not, that's fine, I get it. If so, then we should definitely work something out. :)

    Toast with Charmalade

  2. I've gotten some pretty funny ones! Speaking of what you do, my son still says "curate" for "create." I don't dare correct him. He used to pronounce "museum" "mwoo ZEE you um." I can totally see why.

    On to your outfit. Love that top! What a fun collar! And the pants are lovely. Haha, just realized that I was punny. Ya know, cause your blog title.

    Come check out my 30! Jen Hemming and Hawing Again

  3. love the sailor pants! My mom always used to dress me in sailor dresses as a child, so the look is one of my favorites. You paired them with a great funky top - fabulous!!!

  4. So incredible adoreable!!! I like this outfit!!!

  5. My favorite verification word hands down that I've received is "boobst," which I've since defined as the extra padding and lift produced by a push-up bra.

    That blouse is INCREDIBLE, and I NEVER would've thought to pair the collar with it but I LOVE IT.

  6. you are literally the only person i know that could pull this off. wowowow. amazing!

    i think i would love your mom. let's all hang out. i'll bring the buffalo wing dip. you like buffalo wing dip, right? everyone does.

    ps- boyf says there is a website that collects screen shots of the funniest word verifications but he's busy frying eggplant sticks for the game today and i can't get him to break concentration for long enough to tell me what it is. how rude, right?

  7. love the vintage flare! and the collar,banging!

  8. Post titles give me this is a great idea. Admiring the silk blouse.

    perstr word verification here.

  9. holy bajoly, i'm just going to warn you. i have my eyes on your sailor pants.

    oh, and that jacket...

    oh, and basically everything you are wearing.
    so i'd lock them up, or get a german shepherd. :) thanks for the sweet comment, ladyfriend!

  10. I am in full agreement with the triple exclamation points next to the shoes. Love them (and the whole outfit!).

  11. I'm in love with the leopard collar and the sailor pants. I'm so into wide leg and bell bottom pants lately. So cute!

    Thanks for stopping by urban-kitten also! I'll be back to see what else you whip up. Take care!

  12. Leopard collar = MADE OF WIN.
    Now I've gotta keep my eye out for some good word verifications...

  13. LOVE the graphic flowered print of that blouse! The little leopard collar makes it all the more eclectic and fun! And I get some very weird verification words...sometimes I question whether they are actual words!

  14. I always laugh at the verification words I get. I wondered if I was the only one who found these words amusing. Apparently not.

  15. I love your vintage inpirations! I just got invited to a wedding, set in 1933 and staged at our city's old retired train station. I'll have to channel you when picking out my outfit!!

  16. So love the collar with that blouse. Yawza! Er, I just realized I have no idea how to spell that. But YES! Yes to totally awesome!

  17. What an awesome vintage-looking but not actually vintage top! You are hilarious and thanks for visiting my blog!