Friday, February 25, 2011

The rest of the time...

I pretty much look like this. All winter. Hey, I'm from Oregon. Plaid flannel is my birthright. I'm pretty sure Oregon and Maine are the only states where dressing like a lumberjack doesn't automatically qualify you for the Hipster Olympics. I'm also pretty sure adding milkmaid braids and glasses to the mix nullifies that coda, though, so, um, I guess I'll see you guys later at Stumptown and then maybe we can go shopping for Aretha Franklin on vinyl at the vintage store, 'K?

Just kidding. You do whatever you want, but today I'm finally shaking off the midwinter blahs and finishing up that painting job I started back in January (!). I've been digging up all kinds of yummy textiles and antiques to turn my bedroom into a bright and cozy little nest, so I'm excited to have it done this week. And, cutest of the cute, my dad will be helping me. Yay! I already feel like I can do ten times more!

Levis Jeans, Marshalls, $24
B.B. Dakota puffy vest, T.J. Max, $15
Doc Martens, thrifted, $50
Belt, thrifted $ .50
Wool scarf, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, borrowed from Grandma
Tulle duffel coat, T.J. Maxx, $25

P.S. My dad could totally beat up your dad, but he wouldn't. He's just cool like that.


  1. the first paragraph had me loling all over the floor. and pining silently for some local, organic tofu cutlets. and some rivers-cuomo-style glasses. that would help me read my feminist textbook more clearly.

    please oh please tell me you have seen portlandia!

    oh and also, you are possibly the cutest hipster eskimo ever. and i love this outfit! my sick floridian self sort of wishes i could be in cold weather and get all bundled up for this. sadness is february being the start of shorts and flip flop weather. le sigh.

  2. Not only have I seen Portlandia, I even have the privelege of knowing a few of the people it has spoofed! And I don't just mean people who put a bird on it.

  3. You look warm and stylish at the same time! And I don't blame you. This winter even NY felt like the friggin arctic! Can't wait for a blast of heat! Oh, and love the addition of that floral scarf! Instant girlie!

  4. Hahaha! you are too cute.

    I'm loving your boots SO MUCH.

  5. I am loving the print on that scarf. And that vest looks so cozy! Good luck with the finishing touches this week :)

  6. Your dad wouldn't beat up a fly. He's cool like that, too. :) Much love!

  7. i adore this outfit and i would love to go to the vintage store and buy vinyl witchu. that actually sounds like a common saturday night for me. oops.

    oh and NO i don't have a duvet cover yet! did you really find one?! if so, i love you more than i do right now. come here and i'll feed you broccoli and tofu stirfry. yeahhh.

  8. You look like you're staying warm in this freezing cold weather (seriously, why is it this cold in Oregon?) and I love that vest and your grandma's scarf - so adorable.

  9. I totally dig you in the lumberjack look. Nice layering!

  10. Love the layering, but you forgot to mention PA we have some areas here that think flannel is formal wear. lol

  11. how flippin' cute (AND hilarious!) are you?! LOVE your blog, and i'm so glad you commented on mine so that i could discover you. :)


  12. Ha... thanks for your comment. I shall not allow Terry Grossness to ruin my new sunglasses...
    just as you shall not let hipsters ruin plaid for you...

  13. First of all, thank you so much for the lovely comment on my blog yesterday. It absolutely made my day.

    Secondly, I love the flannel! You make being cold look so much more fun than I ever do. Love the scarf too.

    Have fun painting with your dad. My parents helped me repaint and redecorate in January and it was such a fun way to spend time together. Enjoy!

  14. Look at your cute little head peeking out of these layers! Adorable. I love the cozy and fun.

  15. My Vermont fella would have to add that they wear flannel unironically, too.
    You look perfectly Portland!

    The Auspicious Life

  16. You looked like the cute adult girl version of the kid from A Christmas Story in that first picture. It's funny, you inspired to painting our bedroom, which means there are three patches of green on the wall. Which have been there 2 months.

  17. I like you all bundled up like a lumberjack.

    And your Dad sounds really nice. And sort of violent, too.

    Hope the painting goes well!!

    {and I am trying so hard to find a photo for you. I am really nervous about it for some reason!! I feel like if I choose the wrong picture I'm gonna totally blow it. I'm just so excited and that makes me procrastinate. I mean, I'm looking at pictures, but none of them seem good enough. It will happen. I will chose. And soon. I swear.}

    Haiku Ambulance

  18. Also, my keyword for that comment was:


    Don't you think that's a great name for the hardcore metal band that I will never start?

    Me too.