Saturday, February 12, 2011


I picked up this little verification gem while commenting on the lovely Joy, Etc. I think its a new term. Like, bro, but for girls. Example: "I was hangin' with my brodet the other day when I saw this bangin' jacket  I just had to have." Yes? No?

Don't worry. I haven't used the term "bangin'" to describe anything other than pogs since 1992 or thereabouts. But this jacket is pretty adorable, huh? I was actually shopping with my mom at our all time favorite resale shop, New to You. I think its something like the largest consignment shop in the nation. You can definitely kill a few hours there. Along with this little Walter jacket, I also found an amazing electric yellow swing coat from an Italian label I didn't recognize and a navy linen Michael Kors tunic with military piping to wear with my sailor pants. And since I had a whopping $5 in my consignment account, I scored all three pieces for under $30. While their designer items can get a little pricy, I have rarely seen anything priced higher than $50. Most items hover around $10-15, with blouses ringing in at $8. Their shoe selection is epic, and they also have a bridal and formal dept. If you live anywhere in Oregon or Southwest Washington, its well worth the drive.

We wanted to take pictures in front of the cool mural on the front of the store. It shows the progression of women's fashion from 1900-1990. Rad! But that photo op will just have to wait, as we were running late. We snapped these this morning. Can you tell its a bit *ahem* brisk out?

Walter jacket, New to You, $15
BCBG blouse, Marshalls, $10
Jeans, F21, $24
Franco Sarto nude pumps, T.J.Maxx, $34
Necklace, ??
Bracelet, Target, $24

P.S. Spring is coming!!!


  1. I'm so jealous of spring in Oregon. Everything is still freezing cold and covered in snow and ice here and will stay that way for a good long while yet. But you look adorable, as usual. :)

  2. Isn't that little lone quince blossom to die? I took that photo before I really got dressed for the day, and now I think it subconsciously influenced my color choices!

  3. I just saw my mother's face in yours for the first time. It was only for an instant as I scrolled past the second pic to the bracelet close up. I scrolled back quick and tried to see it again, but it's like those old glow in the dark crosses you used to get in Sunday school: You have to look out of the corner of your eye.

  4. Oh, I love the jacket! What a great find. And that consignment store sounds like heaven.

  5. @Jon: I saw it too, when I was editing these, only for me it was that first picture, with my hair blown back. It reminded me of her wedding photo.

    I notice it most when I wear my hair curly...I have her littleness, her round face, and her funny little mouth. But then there's Grandpa Don's nose, Grandma Wilde's cheekbones, and Grandpa Vern's squirelly grin...

  6. Thanks for your funny comment- good to know I'm not the only clumsy one! You look INCREDIBLE- I am so inspired by this outfit and the great finds! The blazer, the glasses, the pumps, the jewelry- its an amazing outfit. I really love the picture of the flowers (all we have in Canada is snow snow and more snow!) P.S. I use the word bangin quite often to describe amazing clothes

  7. I just realized that you're growing out your hair. Yes? Love your pegged jeans! And, that bracelet is lovely!
    Come check out my 30! Jen Hemming and Hawing Again (Sorry, no word validation)

  8. Cute look! I love the creamy beiges as a unifier for the sky blues and fuchsia.

    I'm here from your comment on The Loudmouth's post, re: the changes planned for Lucky magazine. I'd worried this would happen with the loss of Kim France and Andrea Linett; even in the December 2010 issue I could sense less artfulness, wit, and edge in the tone, layouts, and styling of the magazine. I hadn't realized that shift was intended as part of a management plan to achieve pretty vanilla-ness.

    I'm wondering how long Elise Loehnen and Jean Godfrey-June will last -- they retain some visual edge and sharp wits, at least!

    My thoughts on the matter are here, from September 2010: Not So Lucky

  9. Ah, if I just lived somewhere that things were beginning to blossom.

  10. Hello! I'm so excited to have found another Oregon blogger. I found you via Fabienne's wonderful blog and wanted to say hi.

    I also wanted to say that I think this outfit is perfection - I love your style. And thank you for including the shot of the quince blossom - it's just perfect. I took some shots of some snowdrops the other day, I was so excited to see them!

  11. What a great find. The jacket looks stunning with the blouse. I don't live in SW WA but I do take trips to Portland to visit friends and I don't think I'd have to twist my friend's arm too hard to get her to go there with me. Sounds fun!

    We have buds on our trees here too. It's making it hard to want to keep wearing winter stuff - even if the temperature is in the 40s.


  12. Hey love! I want your blouse! :) Lets talk soon, hmmmm?

  13. This outfit IS bangin' Lady! I love the rolled-up jeans and the Chanel-esque jacket. And I don't even need to comment on the nude pumps, because DUH. They are awesome too. Oops, I said something about them anyway...

  14. Aw, I can kinda tell you look a little chilly outside. But I love the outfit! it's like you took something grandmothers wore back when they were young and made it modern (the shoes!).

    Oh yesss, I'm glad you're intrigued about a possible art swap. I always feel like I haven't drawn as much as I'd like to lately, so I'd love the practice! If you'd like to see some samples (so you aren't gyped or anything), lemme know! My email is in my profile page.

    Toast with Charmalade

  15. We had wonderful weather in PA so I know Spring is coming! Hip hip hooray!! That jacket is so pretty and I love the blouse as well! :)