Thursday, December 2, 2010

Day 24: In which there is a drunk man singing outside my window, and I am too lazy to edit my photos.

Guess what guys? I finished my Christmas shopping! Woooooot! Guess what else? I. am. so. tired. And I have a splitting headache from the ungodly mishmash of Christmas covers by people I've never heard of and screaming children in the stores. Don't worry, I got most of my shopping done in local indy businesses, but there's always a few gifts you just have to brave the mall for, you know?

A few of you have asked where I shop, specifically for vintage, in Portland, so here's the major players:

Ladybird's General Store is hands down the most awesomest place ever. They opened up a couple of years ago on Alberta and Albina. It's just a hole in the wall space, but they have a really good eye for treasures (the owner is a stylist), and, in addition to a killer selection of vintage from the 1920s-1980s (Does anyone else get weirded out when they see 80s clothing described as vintage? What's next, the 90s? Pssssh.), they also have books, vinyl, and some very cool jewelry from local artists. I consign my own vintage there, and they never fail to display it beautifully, and fetch me a fair price for it. I seriously cannot rave about this place, or the wonderful women who run it, or the indescribably good way it smells, enough.

Rerun, on Fremont, is another vintage oasis, but also a great place to find newer items. I don't think I've ever left there without something rad. There is a lot packed into this little place, so be prepared to paw through the racks, and make sure to check every corner for hidden treasure! The prices on clothing are fantastic, though sometimes the furniture goes a little high. Oh, yeah, they have a fantastic home goods section. The stock here changes daily, so if you love it, buy it!

Stars and Splendid Antiques Malls is the biggest antique mall on on the West Coast, and its right here, in Sellwood. There are two warehouses, each holding multiple vendors, right across the street from each other. I found my Frye boots here, for $50. All I can say is, its an experience you need to have at least once in your life. Hit it on the weekend and grab brunch at the Springwater Grill down the street. Have the Mexican Creme Brulee for dessert...Its like a little rammekin of joy!

Value Village in Tigard is the BEST EVER for serious thrifting. Oh man. I'm jonesin'.

Gilt on NW 23rd is the place to go if you want to invest in a really wonderful piece of vintage jewelry. They have everything appraised independently, and even offer a selection of guilt free diamonds. The second floor is devoted to artisan jewelry from local studios. Everything is fairly priced, in good condition, and they offer cleaning and maintenance in house.

Yeesh, this was supposed to be a short post! Oh well, at least that drunk guy shut up...

Coat, F21; Scarf, F21; Zara blouse, Marshalls; DKNY stripey tee (under blouse. brrr.), thrifted; J. Crew cardi, thrifted; Levis jeans, Marshalls; Leopard flats, Target; Vintage lady bag, Ladybird's General Store.

Look! It's the last hold out from my 30. I love this little blouse, but never wear it. Why? Also, please note my incredibly stylish big-girl pigtails! And try to ignore the shiny, tired, post-holiday shopping crazy-eye face and accompanying semi-deranged pose. I was trying to be a sea captain. Like ya do.

Oof. Bed now.


  1. That coat is calling my name; Forever 21 is seriously a gold mine.
    I love love the mix of floral/stripes/leopard. Leopard is always a good choice. My first car was a black Mustang convertible and I added leopard seat covers to the dismay of my parents haha

  2. I've only been in Ladybird's once but I remember telling the girl behind the counter, "So much good stuff!" I can't wait to go back. And I'll definitely check out Stars and Splendid Antiques Malls and Value Village!

  3. Holy Crap! You posted at 1:56 a.m. No wonder you're tired. Love, love, love this outfit and your blog. Thanks for the award. Due to my 2 hour family mandated blogging time limit (2HFMBTL for short) I've not been able to read it all BUT I've looked thru it all. I'm looking forward to the rest of your closet.

  4. hello, that jacket is beautiful! This whole outfit is so well put together. I just love it!

  5. thanks for stopping by to visit - there's a value village about 20 minutes away, and it's got a decent selection. the first one i ever visited was in victoria, bc, and it was HUUUGE zomg. coulda spent a whole day there. <3 the jacket, the scarf, the stripes - and the glasses.

  6. Waaa, that scarf is from F21?!! NEED IT.

    Awesome blog, Rose!! Totally dig your super fun style, I'm really glad you found me :)

  7. 80's as vintage= i know, right?? crazy. anything older than 20 years is supposedly vintage now. I've been vintage for three years in that case. sweet, maybe my value has gone up!

  8. Hold on a minute! If this is you being tired then I want to look like you when I'm tired. Yeeesh. When I don't look good, I reeeeeally don't.... oh, nevermind. I always look fab! (That's a big FAT LIE!)

    Snazzy as usual! The pattern on that shirt is really beautiful.


    also i love the mix of leopard flats and floral blouse way too much. too good.