Friday, December 17, 2010

Bah! Humbug!

So much for adventures! I woke up with a cold, so today pretty much consisted of me sporadically wailing, dripping, and sneezing (violently!) while attempting to find where the hell I had oh-so-cleverly hidden all of the Christmas presents. Thrills. I found most of them, but one bag (the ones that needed to be shipped today, natch) is still mysteriously missing. How?! Why?! It is one of those neon blue oversized shopping bags from Ikea, for heaven's sake! Where could it possibly be hiding? My little house is turned upside-down, and still it taunts me from its secret lair. Uuuugh. You know what I've realized? I rant a lot. In fact, this blog is officially going to be re-named Drippy Whinyface McCan't-remember-anything. Sounds great, right?

Seriously, though, on a more positive note, I got my Christmas bonus (Ah, nothing beats validation in monetary form!). And my new issue of Vogue came today. And I'm super excited for tonight's festivities...A holiday concert featuring an all-acoustic Led Zeppelin tribute group AND a Pogues tribute group, both made up of local musicians of no small repute, held at Secret Society. I am swimming in Thera-flu, popping Cold-eez like it was Pez, and guzzling spicy tom kha soup (Lemongrass, ginger, garlic and sweet chili help to clear congestion, and act as powerful anti-microbials. Coconut milk soothes a sore throat. Veggies are good for you.) from the Thai place down the street so that I can stay out all night. I am also excited about my outfit. What initially drew me to this sweater was the intricate quilt like piecing of the traditional fair isle knit. Then I realized that it formed a Star of David. Which makes it pretty much the perfect Hanukkah sweater! Hanukkah came and went during the 30 for 30, but what would a holiday outfit roundup be without a shout out to my Hebrew homies?

 Vintage tweed coat, Grandma's; Faux fur collar, self made; Marc Jacobs sweater, thrifted; Jeans, thrifted; Vintage Frye campus boots, thrifted; Antique bone and silver necklace, gift from Mom.


  1. shut up. tom kha is my favorite thing. like, in the world.

    aside from those boots. and that coat. blerrrh i'm tired but rest assured i love this, like i love everything you wear. even if i'm not being witty about it.

  2. I love the Pogues. Like, super big time.

    Me and my Dad had a serious father-daughter bonding moment when I was in High School blaring Flogging Molly from my room when my dad rushes in like Kramer, "Is this the Pogues??!"

    "No, Dad. Who are the Pogues?"

    And then we traded cds and it was awesome and everyone lived happily, irishly ever after.

    {haiku ambulance}

  3. You may try Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa ( i know alot of people use it, its also non alcoholic, though it's effectiveness is not as good as alcohol based cough medicine, but it's still good to use on not so serious scratchy throat.