Friday, December 3, 2010

Day 25: In which tragedy strikes!

If I look a trifle puffy and confused, its because these photos were taken at the positively unholy hour of 8:45 am. Now, you may be tempted to laugh at the extent to which I am not a morning person, but please remember that while I was writing my last post there was drunken caterwauling happening right outside my window, and it was two am. And also, I am not a morning person. But the parental units wanted to hit the shops early this morning, so I was up and out the door before my poor little brain could comprehend what was happening. While M&D shopped til they dropped, I stayed home with my Grandma. We ate soup, made omelettes, watched a PBS special on dinosaurs, and listened to lots of Nico and Velvet Underground. It was pretty sweet, until the part where I was brushing her dentures and I spazzed out and splattered undiluted Dentu-creme all over my black silk blouse. PANIC! PAAAAAANIC. As I type this I am wearing one of her old gardening shirts (Which I may steal...its kind of all-American gold), while said blouse soaks in the kitchen sink. Cross your fingers with me and hope it isn't ruined! I've just been falling in love with it. On the bright side, I really enjoyed getting all dressed up for nothing today. I must confess, I'm longing to throw off the 30 for 30 and play a rousing round of dress up...Aren't you?

Katayone Adeli kimono top, thrifted (Rerun); Vintage Liz Claiborne trousers, thrifted (V.V.);  Jessica Simpson platform maryjanes, The Rack; Snake bracelet, Target; Vintage turquoise earrings, Stars and Splendid Antiques.


  1. Yes! I am ready for the challenge to be over although I do not yet have any particularly edgy outfits to break out! Best wishes on getting those spots out of your silk shirt. The color palette is lovely with the spot of turquoise.

  2. just found your blog- you are too cute! love your style.

  3. I'm glad your blouse turned out ok! It looks fabulous with the trousers!

  4. i love your vintage silhouette here. those trousers are fantastic.

    and i totally feel you...i had to wake up at 6 on thursday and friday and i was like, barely functioning. i don't know how i woke up at 5:30 every. Single. Day when I was in highschool.

    oh and i am crossing my fingers for the poor blouse! i hope it's not permanently damaged!

  5. love this look! so classy