Sunday, December 19, 2010

Melancholy baby

I find myself melancholy today. A sharp wind is hurling icy rain against the windows and no one is coming to the museum, and no matter how high I crank the ancient thermostat, I am chilled to the bone. I imagine a jolly crackling fire in the beautiful old  parlor stove, pitch pine snapping and filling the air with resinous smoke... I think one of the saddest things about my job is having to see things go unused. Its different in the tourist season, when people come pouring in to ooh and ahh over all the lovely old things, full of questions and amazement that this was once how people lived, but in the winter, they go unloved, and everything seems drab and forlorn. My cold has settled in, and as I sit here typing away with my right nostril relentlessly dripping, I can only think how lovely it will be to close up the museum and hurry home to my cozy little house where there are extra sweaters and hot cups of thera-flu and snuggly kitties. Here are a few dreamy little tidbits I found on Etsy to pass the time. The shops are linked through the captions. Oh, how I wish I had antlers.

Obsolete World

Double parlor
Tiny owls magic attic
Cart before the horse
X Moonbloom
 I know, I know, I would probably feel a little better if I hadn't gone out last night, but it was so worth it! The Led Zeppelin Carolers were wicked fun. If you're wondering how that works, they took Led Zeppelin songs and tweaked the lyrics so that they were about Christmas, then belted them out with an accordion, a ukulele, a mandolin, and some drums. Epic, yet darling. I didn't expect to have half as much fun as I ended up having, but the music was great and there were some lovely people at the show. I threw together a pretty amazing outfit last minute involving a lace blouse and my vintage fur, and spent the whole night laughing as people asked if they could pet me. Want to make interesting new friends? Be fluffy. Photos tomorrow; today I only want to be glum and wistful.


  1. Winter's are when people get degrees. I am of two minds. I love your writing so much, that I wouldn't want to change it. The other part of me wants to foist productive capitalism upon you through such talent. Of course I once wanted to make a living writing and rejected it because what little experience I had writing for pay ruined my love of writing. I certainly enjoy yours. Is that pay enough for you?

  2. Did you use tastetest to find these? You did, didn't you. Are you as addicted as I am? I love etsy. Love love love. Gaga-status.

    I'm sick, too. Winter can be the pits for that reason. Last winter I got the flu TWICE. And food poisoning. Boyf's friend asked me if I "was ever healthy. Like, ever." Charming.

  3. Sorry you're a little down!! My winter has only just become fun, I've been totally bedridden with flu-it can make you really miserable. Led Zeppelin carolers sounds rather wonderful indeed! I really want an antlers hat now, it would be so christmassy and adorable!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  4. @ Jon...I've actually been thinking of incorporating more writing (of the not so self indulgent sort) into my blog. I miss writing simply for fun...especially little stories like I used to in my old blog. I have always assumed it would be a significant part of whatever i did with my life, like drawing or sewing or baking or dressing up, whether I did it for money or amusement. I am, of course, always chuffed when people enjoy it, but I would do it anyway. And I think you should too!

  5. so, did you let people pet you? Ever read a book on dating from the 1950's?

  6. Bible/Science teacher (conflict of interest, anyone?) in elementary school taught us this whole "Scale of danger" that included "heavy petting". He also taught us that sex was NOT when a man pees into a woman, so, that was helpful, I guess. Yeesh. I practically went to school in the fifties.

    I did let people pet me, if they asked nicely and were respectful, which everyone was. :)