Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Rudolph the red nosed girl...

Hooray! I have reached the turning point! You know that magical morning when you wake up and realize that you can actually BREATHE? Whenever I'm sick, I sort of will myself to forget that normally I would breathe through my nose, instead of gasping for air like a grounded fish. Its a pretty good coping mechanism, because then, when everything finally clears up, it feels like some sort of miraculous transformation, and I get really giddy and excited, and have to remember to pace myself. But oooooh, my little nose is still so sore and red!!! Yowch! Remind you of anyone?

Vintage minidress (worn as blouse), thrifted; Embroidered wool skirt, thrifted; studded leather belt, thrifted; Tights, U.O; 90s heels (Made in Italy, label worn off. Let's pretend they're Prada!), thrifted.

I got this amazing little dress at Buffalo Exchange along with this blouse. I may never have the nerve to wear it as a dress though, because even on me it is disastrously tiny! I think this skirt was also from Buffalo, but long, long ago. I've barely worn it, because its so big it falls right off without a belt. The waist is a continuous knitted band inset into the body of the skirt. Any ideas on how I could tighten it up a little without making it too bulky? Even my trusty tailor is stumped.

Oh, my. I forgot to introduce my reindeer. How rude. Everyone, this is Norman. Norman, Everyone. Norman is a very dear, very old friend of mine. Here he is in his natural habitat, my bedroom. Isn't he marvelous? Don't worry, he only looks stuffy and dignified. Secretly he loves hanging out, playing records, and dressing up in scarves and hats. His favorite band is Of Montreal. He thinks Kevin Barnes is dreamy.

On a sort of related note, I'm really digging United Bamboo's pre-fall collection. The perfect balance of sharp and charming, and I love the little mushroom print.


  1. Yayyy for getting over sickness and yayyy for your outfit that I love because with the hair it's sorta like modern milkmaid + 70s folk and woahhhh what's that reindeer.

    Hi Norman. You seem cool, but I hope you aren't offended when I say that I'm slightly intimidated by you, especially if you resided in my room. D:

    Toast with Charmalade

  2. Aaaaaah! That's me screaming in love at everything about your outfit! Seriously. That reindeer just added the right touch of magic. I don't even know where to focus my attention, that's how much I love every single piece.

    So glad you're feeling better:)

  3. Norman? Who knew. He's started talking, has he? Hmm.
    Well he looks good with your dudds - together, you remind me of Evan Harris's artwork of animals and people - the colors, the composition, the peaceable kingdom vibes, very very tre sharminque.

  4. i LOVE those tights and that skirt is just spectacular. and norman and etta should be friends. i think etta needs more friends.

    and, holy crap how did you manage milkmaid braids?! i love them but i can't make them work in my hair. probably because i have no talent with hair whatsoever. but they look fantastic on you.

  5. I'm loving your different patterns and textures from head-to-toe! I thought of braiding my hair today but remembered that I'm lazy. The skirt reminds me of Anthro. I think the belt works with your skirt. It gives it a paperbag waist. (am I saying that right?)

  6. Glad you're feeling better! Great outfit for your post-sickness emergence. On the skirt, you might try sewing a piece of elastic around the inside to make it a paper bag waist skirt. Hopefully it would just gather it a bit, but not make it lumpy or weird looking. The good thing is that if it doesn't work, you could always rip the elastic out and you haven't harmed the skirt.

  7. Oh Norman! So handsome!

    And you poor little thing, you. I'm happy you can breathe again, but I am sorry that your little nose hurts. That is not a good feeling at all.

    And I love these greys and whites and browns. A reindeer, indeed :)

    {h. ambulance}

  8. Yay, I'm happy your feeling better!! :) I love the mixing of patterns, I'm really in strong-like with that skirt. Now I'm beginning to miss home where Buffalo Exchange is so close. :)

    Happy Holidays!

  9. Yes, I LOVE breathing! :D

    And I'm trying really hard to determine who's more awesome in these photos, you or Norman, and honestly you guys are coming up tied. Slap those tights on Norman tho and he's got you beat ;)

  10. That skirt and those tights are the bomb.. stuffed rudolf is kinda freaking me out..

  11. You have such luck at Buffalo. I wish I had that great an eye. Also, where oh where did you get that reindeer? And where does he live when it is not holiday time?

    The Auspicious Life

  12. the skirt is gorgeous!

  13. Holy wednesday addams, you have a reindeer! Where did you find him? Also, your outfit is lovely, especially the skirt which looks so soft and cozy. Sozy.