Thursday, December 9, 2010

Feelin' the Spirit...(a whopping lot of pictures. consider yourself warned.)

Well hello! How is everybody today? I'm feeling pretty smashing. Here's why: Its Christmas time. I'm usually a bit of a grinch...I love the presents (getting, of course, but especially giving...the rush of gratification that stems from knowing you snagged the perfect gift for a loved one is, in a word, addictive.), and the day itself can be magical if properly executed, but the months of commercial overkill and social pressure leading up to it kind of makes me want to vomit. But, for some reason, this year seems different. For one thing, EVERYONE is smiling. Seriously, everywhere I go, happiness. And that makes ME smile, and then I feel better, about myself, and the world at large. Despite the early sales, most shops held off decorating until this week, and so, when I walk down the street and see lights twinkling from every window, instead of feeling like a sleazy marketing tactic, it feels genuinely cheery. My hometown just put up the seasonal decorations along Main Street over the weekend, and lit up the town Christmas Tree by the Library. The wreaths on the street lamps have been lovingly maintained since the early 60s. They are awesomely cheesy amalgamations of electric green fake pine, multicolored lights, and three foot tall red plastic "candles" with hand painted flames. They used to make me grimace, but now they make me grin, because I finally get it...everyone loves to complain about those tacky wreaths, and how outdated and shabby they look, but if the city ever tried to replace them, there would be a riot. Sometimes its not about how perfect something is, but about how much love goes into it.

Speaking of love, a couple of days ago my Dad and I put up the Christmas tree at my Grandma's, and Mom spent the entirety of the next day fiendishly decorating. Everything looked so pretty and festive that I decided to leave my usual boring corner...


Blue tweed jacket, F21; Gap cardi, thrifted; Comme des Garcones blouse, thrifted; Vintage wool tie, thrifted; Banana Republic jeans, thrifted, Jessica Simpson Dany platforms, Nordstrom; Vintage bag, thrifted; Hammered silver bracelet, Old Navy.

Guess what??!!? Everything I'm wearing is new! Well, new to me. Well, except for the bracelet and the bag. So, not everything. Get to the point Rose! OK! I went shopping yesterday. I had a very detailed list, and, honestly, I didn't expect to find know how it is when you actually KNOW what you want, right? It suddenly stops existing. You can't find it anywhere. You begin to question your sanity. But yesterday was different. I set out, having completed the 30 for 30 Challenge, just looking forward to the familiar and comfortable sensation of browsing through racks of lovely things. I was in it mostly for the sensory thrill of fondling nice fabrics and eyeing good cuts. I'm a bit of a pervert.  But then something magical happened...I found everything on my list. Eh.Vuh.Ree.Thing. In one day. It was a Christmas miracle, kiddies. Here I'm wearing the perfect wide leg jeans (though I think I will have my tailor remove the unsettlingly large belt loops.), a cute cropped jacket in a million wearable shades of blue, an insanely cool, quirkily tailored button down (you can't tell, but the pinstripes are SPARKLY!), and a lovely slouchy pockety cardigan that reminds me of my Grandpa. Oh, yeah, and the Dany platforms! Rrrrrrrowr! So tall! In my next post I'll give you some better detail shots of them and highlight some of my other finds....

But right now I want to give you a closer look at the adorable vintage bag I have been carrying since the gala on Saturday night. Its from the 30s, midnight blue velvet with gold satin lining and a lucite clasp. Its is in insanely good condition, and has an almost Mary Poppins-esque capacity.

It holds my giant (ancient) cell phone, keys, compact, wallet, lipstick, perfume, and, uh, beauty water, also my camera (not pictured because I'm holding it!) and my tiara (not pictured because I'm wearing it!). 

Tiara headband, F21. Dog, Oregon Humane Society. 


  1. Such fun to see "new" outfits - love it by the way! Also love all your accessories - beautiful!

  2. It's funny to see people in non 30 for 30 items. I also went thrifting yesterday (my first day after 30 for 30). You got some great finds.

  3. Damn girl I love your style!! funkadelic or what?? I am so inspired by your outfits.. what flair!! I just came across your blog and signed up as a follower and really will be watching for more great ideas.. plus you have great photos too... I just finished the 30 for 30 and have no idea what to wear today... !! anyway I look forward to getting to know you!!

    I'm up the coastline in Victoria, BC.. toodle too for now xoxo J

  4. Take me shopping!!! I miss shopping with you!!

  5. Those trouser jeans with those heels and that cardi? What a fantastic, chic and casual outfit. Perfection, really.

  6. the giraffe ornament! cute. and your outfit is great - love the trousers.

  7. What a lucky day shopping--especially the "grandpa sweater". This photo of the purse...and all of it's contents impresses me. It's bigger inside than it looks from the outside.

  8. i love those platforms! and i'm obsessed with that outfit. including the tie and the blazer. everything is fantastic. jealous.

    also did i mention, OMG PLATFORMS?!?!

  9. OMG, I hubs got these dany shoes for me for Christmas and I cannot wait to wear them!!! :-) I love everything about this outfit!! :-D

  10. I want everything single thing you're wearing. WOW. There are so many fun pieces here but it all comes together in such a classically structured way! You have a gift.

  11. Looooove those shoes! I wonder if I could get away with those?

    And I have that Gap cardigan, though in a different colour, so let me compliment you on your excellent taste. :)

  12. Ohh you.

    Congratulations on raping commercialism! You did so well, and those platforms look delightfully outrageous.

    UM. The bag is so fantastic, I can barely stand it.

    Have I told you you're my favorite person that I've never met?

    The happiest of weekends to you.


  13. wow! I had that same dog (in grey/black) a long long time ago - Still miss that pooch!

  14. cute post! and your dog is so so cute



  15. I love, love, love your blog. I just discovered it today. Your shoes are to die for! Amazing. I love it all.


  16. Hey Rose,
    Ooooh, a new outfit and you're wearing a tie! I really like those shoes even though I couldn't possibly wear them without falling. This is a "WONDERFUL" look to begin your first day of 30x30 freedom and I love it!

    ps. I wanted to say thank you for everytime you came to visit and for every encouraging comment you left. I'm grateful to have gotten to know you through this process. I love your style and everytime I visit you I get inspired to dress more freely! Also, I consider you my new blogging best friend! ;)

  17. So funny- I wore a tie with my outfit today and just saw your post- I like the way you wore yours! So.....I had to have my husband tie mine for me- did you do yours yourself or did you get some help? ;) Love the way you put it together!